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   Chapter 577 Almost A Good Man

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"What do you think?" Edward bit his lip and said calmly. Resignation was written all over his face. He had been proud all his life, but in front of her, he had always been patient and he liked it that way.

"Thank you, my lord. I just said it to satiate your arrogance, " Daisy joked. As an excellent man, he had a thousand reasons to be arrogant. The women who had been pestering him were all charmed by him.

"You're being naughty. Do you want to see the ocean? There you can walk on the serene paths, enjoy the beautiful view, watch the streams running, and listen to the birds singing. Isn't it great?" Edward said with a smile. The place was not far from the city, only a three or four-hour drive. When they got there, it would be midnight at most. They still could get some sleep and then watch the sunrise in the morning. It was exciting to think about it.

"Yes, it sounds great. But don't we need some time to pack?" Daisy furrowed. She was anxious to be there, but she was also a little worried.

"We don't have to. Money is everything." Edward gave an arrogant smile. It was true. Money could buy everything. Except love. The love that could be bought with money wasn't true love. It was just an attachment to wealth. Edward loathed that kind of relationships.

"Do you have your wallet on you?" Daisy sized Edward up. He was dressed casually. He must have been in a rush to catch up with her and must have forgotten to change. She figured that he had left both his phone and his wallet at home.

"Luke will bring it with him. Don't worry, honey. I won't really sell you." Edward shook his head. She was too naive. He couldn't imagine how much she must have struggled in the past years. Yet it was her simplicity that attracted him in the first place and made him lose his heart to her.

"Edward, sometimes it feels good to be around you." Daisy turned around and pressed a gentle kiss on his cheek, which was like a petal, soft and captivating.

"Only sometimes?" Edward was surprised by the kiss. But he remained calm and looked at Daisy, smiling.

"Yes. That's what you do." Daisy forced herself to forget the pain. So she started to make fun of Edward, which was uncommon. Edward was impressed by her resilience. She knew how to change her mood. Maybe it was an ability she acquired from her profession. R

quinted his eyes at her smiling face.

"Almost a good man. But since I haven't met a better man than you yet, I'll just make do with you for now." Daisy rolled her eyes cleverly, opened the car door and stepped out. She smelled the fragrance of jasmine in the air. It suddenly occurred to her that Edward hadn't chosen this city only for its views. There might be a story here for him to tell. Otherwise, why did he like jasmine so much? However, she didn't intend to ask him about it. After all, the past stayed in the past. What they had now was the present.

"Colonel Ouyang, what you just said makes my fancy run wild." Bending on the car roof, Edward smiled at Daisy. Apparently, he was trying to make a fuss about some words in her remarks again. He was good at twisting the meanings of her words.

"No comment on that. Luke, Mr. Mu's thoughts are filthy. Be careful when you are with him, " Daisy said to Luke, who was walking toward them. She took a deep breath of fresh air. The air here was much better than that of the S City.

Luke looked at Edward. Seeing Edward wasn't mad, he twitched his lips awkwardly. Daisy was the only one that dared to talk about Edward like that. Edward hated two things. One was when people said that he was pretty or beautiful. The second was that people assumed he was gay. Therefore, normally, afraid of the consequences, people took care not to cross these lines with him. Surprisingly, Edward wasn't affected by her words at all. He smiled and talked as if nothing had happened. He really doted on her.

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