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   Chapter 576 Let's Go on a Trip

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"Edward, sing to me, " Daisy requested abruptly in the car. Upon hearing her words, Edward stepped hard on the brake. Fortunately, the traffic wasn't heavy on the road.

"Be careful." Daisy narrowly escaped bumping her head. Edward was worried that she might be a bad driver. But he didn't seem to be any better than her. She stared at him angrily, seeming like it didn't occur to her at all how much her words had affected him.

"I'm sorry. Are you hurt?" Edward carefully scanned her. Assured that she was fine, he was relieved. Her words took him by surprise and they sounded illogical to him. He reached for her forehead to see if she was having a fever.

"It's just singing. Why are you acting so dramatically?" Daisy took his hand off her forehead angrily. She had become unreasonable and irritable, a sharp contrast to her usual self.

"Honey, it's not strange to sing a song. I'm just wondering why you suddenly asked for it under the given circumstance." Edward wasn't mad. He was more than happy to tolerate all her unreasonable behaviors. This brought forth her feminine side and made him feel that she needed him.

"I see. You must be a terrible singer. So you are scared. Don't be. I won't make fun of you." Daisy said. Edward didn't know why she thought he couldn't sing. He just wasn't keen on singing.

"Maybe you didn't realize it. Your words sound sarcastic right now. But I don't mind. You will know in the future whether I can sing or not."

Edward smiled resignedly. So far she was the only one that thought he couldn't sing. But he didn't want to take it seriously. A song wasn't really what she wanted right now. She was still in the shock that her mom had been murdered. What saddened her the most was that she knew who killed her mother, but she didn't have any solid evidence to put the murderer away.

"Honey, I don't want to go home." Daisy leaned on Edward. She was exhausted. Her eyes wandered. It seemed she had said those words unconsciously. She might not even know what she was doing.

"Okay. Where do you want to go?" Edward said. He thought it mig

oing?" The views on either side of the street flashed back. Daisy was curious why Edward had chosen that route. It wasn't the way back home.

"I'm going to sell you." Edward gave a mysterious smile. Daisy had suggested a trip, but by now she had completely forgotten all about it. Edward wondered whether she was confused or she was just messing with him. No matter what, he had made his decision, and that was it. She couldn't go back.

"More likely, I'll sell you. A pretty boy with fair skin like you is exactly what some perverts are looking for. If I were you, I would think carefully about where we are going right now." Daisy smiled. She had survived so many life-or-death situations, selling her definitely wouldn't happen.

"You are lucky that I love you. Otherwise, you would have been in trouble because of the 'pretty boy' you said. Dispose of the filthy thoughts from your mind. I will never be some pervert's toy boy."

Edward hated it when someone described him with words like pretty or beautiful, as these were usually used for females. If Daisy hadn't been the woman he loved, he would have thrown her out of the car.

"Should I feel flattered?" Daisy smiled and secretly felt complacent that she got him angry so easily. He didn't seem to be as arrogant as people used to say. She wanted to tell him that he was the one who had filthy thoughts in his mind all the time.

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