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   Chapter 575 Frustrated Daisy (Part Two)

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"Mr. Mu, please, please help me explain it to her." Leo turned to Edward, and said that. His last hope of having any relationship with his daughter was Edward who was gently walking behind Daisy. Even though he knew this domineering man would be more difficult than Daisy to communicate with, he did not want to miss any opportunity to ease the tense relationship between him and his daughter.

"Mr. Ouyang, your remorse came out pretty late. If you recognized your mistakes when I first gave those documents to you, I would be more than happy to help you. But now, as you can also see, the situation has reached to the stage where it is irreversible. I am sorry I can not help you this time. See you later. Goodbye!"

Edward smiled, with his lip slightly up, He then turned around and walked out. No matter how deep resistance Daisy showed to Leo, nobody could deny the fact that he was her father. So on the whole, he still had a little respect for him, but that did not mean that he could ignore the harms Leo once brought to Daisy.

"Mr. YI, thanks for your hard work, " Daisy said, as she went out and saw Mr. Yi waiting for them in the doorway, She expressed her appreciation for Mr. Yi's great support in this case.

"You are welcome, Colonel Ouyang. It is our responsibility to do this. And it's worthwhile for me to remind you that in the absence of any evidence or witnesses, we can only detain her for the next forty-eight hours at most. Under normal circumstances, it is only twenty-four hours, but considering that the situation is very special, I can try to extend it to forty-eight hours."

Mr. Yi said, short and to the point, with a sense of concern towards Daisy. He was afraid that Daisy might force him to abuse his powers. After

uld like to be with him only. Even though, she seemed to be normal, superficially at least, it did not mean that her heart was no longer in pain.

When they were discussing on who would drive the car, Brian followed them all the way out closely. In comparison to Mary's cries and shouting, Brian looked very calm and indifferent, as if what happened there did not bother him. He looked subtle and peaceful. He was calm and quiet and just stood there silently watching them leave the house, without making a sound, After tonight, he clearly knew that, there was a tall wall erected again between Daisy and him. The wall was so high that it was harder than before for him to climb over it.

As for Yakira, no matter how big her mistake was, he had to try his best to help her come out of jail. All this was not because he had any love for Yakira but it was simply because she was his mother. It was his responsibility to do this for her as a son. He could not be too indifferent to her. Now he just hoped that the mistake she made was not so serious and it still could be redeemed. Otherwise, even though he wanted to help her, he might not have the ability to do that.

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