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   Chapter 574 Frustrated Daisy (Part One)

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"OK, fine. No need to do that. Police, I'll go with you." Yakira gave Edward an angry look. It was definitely all his fault to push her in such a bad situation. Why did he have to bother himself with such matters? Why did he have to investigate the things that happened 20 years ago? What did he gain out of all this? Could the dead come back to life by doing so?

"You two, come and take her back to the police station. Take note to put her through a thorough interrogation." Mr Yi, the chief of police, commanded this to the policemen beside him. It was improper for them to get involved in that kind of family affairs.

"Dad! Help Mom, please, help Mom! It was Daisy who rushed into our house armed with a gun. How could we let them take mom to the police station without any clear reason?" Mary helplessly pulled Leo's sleeves and murmured to him. Her mother was her only shelter in this family. It was certain that if Yakira really had anything to do with some unknown crime, Mary would never be able to live the luxurious life as a rich man's daughter. She even could not stay here comfortably.

"No one has wronged her in this, She always knows what she has done before. It is all her own fault. And she deserves it. Speaking of which, she must thank the police for taking her away from here. Otherwise, I am not sure what I will do to her in the future." Leo was reluctant to let Mary hold him tightly. As things had come to a point like this today, the situation was not something he wanted to see. But this was the consequence of her own evils that she had committed in the past. She had to swallow what she had reaped. No one would pay for her wrong doing.

As soon as Edward saw Daisy handing Yakira over to the hands of the police, he immediately stepped forward and held her tightly in his arms. Irrespective of what she just did was acting or real, he was frightened by her irrational behavior all this while. Hence he

only for my mother's sake."

Daisy said, with her footsteps stagnating a bit. However, all this while, she did not look at Leo, even once. She no longer intended to call him her father. Moreover, she did not even wish to have a relationship with him. If they were not related by blood, she wouldn't mind beating him up. But she knew she could not do that. Because her moral philosophy and professional ethics did not allow her to take such a step. Even if she had so much resentment and anger for him, she could only hold back it to the bottom of her heart.

"I know that you hate me now, but I still have the audacity to hope that you can consider talking to me, for the sake of all the love that I gave you while you were little." Leo said imploringly, with his mouth twitching slightly, His senile face looked much older.

What? How dare he say that? "If you didn't mention this to me, I might still have a bit respect for you. But how could you think that you can still have any relation with me, after all that happened? Never say such things to me in the future? It is absolutely impossible for me to forget those things and forgive you." Daisy replied coldly, without filtering her words. She did not give any chance to Leo to speak further and walked out of the house quickly.

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