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   Chapter 573 I Don’t Want To Die (Part Two)

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She could not kill her, but she could at least frighten her. It was impossible that she would risk her whole life and career for such an unworthy woman. She was not that stupid. Although in the beginning, she really wanted to kill Yakira but as a soldier, she was clear what would come to her it she did so. No matter how painful and furious she felt in her heart, she tried her best to get through this.

"Brian, call the police now, I don't want to die. I will confess to the police that I'm guilty." Yakira was so clever. What she said was only a tactic to gain some more time. When the alert was averted, she would tell the police that she was threatened by Daisy. In this case, she would overcome the fate of dying a miserable death.

"No need anymore. We're already here." While they were speaking, several policemen came in. One of them was special in his demeanor. He didn't seem like a common policeman.

"Ah! Sir! Help! This crazy woman is going to kill me!" Yakira was overjoyed at the sight of the chief of Public Security Bureau who took her away yesterday. 'Daisy, I will see how you end this drama today. Mr. Yi, the chief, has seen you kidnap me with the gun. I will accuse you of crime of intentional injury later, " Yakira thought.

"Sorry, Colonel Ouyang, we arrived a little late. Please let us handle the suspect." Yakira was surprised to see that Mr. Yi completely ignored her. Moreover, he behaved respectfully towards Daisy. She was dumbfounded and didn't know what the situation was now.

"Thank you, Mr. Yi,

nel, it was not possible that she would do anything against the law. So he completely ignored Yakira's accusation.

"Say something for me! Brian, tell the police what happened. It was really Daisy who threatened to kill me with her gun." Yakira looked at her family for help. But no one pitied her or said anything in her favour. How poor she was as the hostess of the house!

"Can you tell me what really happened with all this? Dad, you know everything, right?" Brian closed his eyes, trying to pull himself together. He was completely confused with the scene before his eyes. He didn't know what unforgivable crime his mother had committed, that it had made such a scene and even invited the police.

"Yakira, do you want me to state what you did one by one?" Leo narrowed his eyes and looked at Yakira with coldness. In fact, he didn't want Brian to know what a vicious woman his mother was. He didn't expect that Daisy would suddenly appear and create such a frighting scene. He had no reasons to hide it any more.

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