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   Chapter 571 I Will Pull the Trigger (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5007

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"Do you think you can fool me so easily? Let's be clear, I am Daisy Ouyang, not Leo Ouyang." Daisy abruptly stopped laughing. She bent down and stared directly into Yakira's eyes. A starkly chilling atmosphere wildly encroached on the space around Yakira. She realized how terrifying and unrelenting the soldier before her was. Compared with Leo who just now tried to kill her, Daisy instilled in Yakira an intense fear of death.

"Daisy Ouyang, don't think I'll be afraid of you with a gun pointing to my head. Don't you forget that murder is against the law. Even though you are a colonel, you aren't above the law." Yakira was talking tough, but her trembling voice betrayed her pretense of fearlessness. As a result, her words sounded somewhat ridiculous.

"Against the law? Not exactly! You've killed someone too, right? Then why weren't you punished by the law? So the law is not omnipotent. So tell me, is it easier for me to simply shoot you here? Or should I send you to prison to spend the rest of your life?"

A dark intrigue arose in Daisy's eyes. She kept moving the gun gently against Yakira's forehead, challenging the limits of her mental capacity. Yakira was filled with horrid guesses of where she would be shot today.

Meanwhile, Edward raced all the way to the Ouyangs' house. He saw the familiar car parked outside and was finally relieved that Daisy had arrived here safely. This was more important to him than anything. He was hoping that he got here in time, so he exite

Through his eyes, he begged and pitied her. As long as there was a chance, he would never let her do something stupid. He would not want to live a life that didn't have Daisy in it.

"Edward, don't come forward. I'm really going to pull the trigger." Because of Edward's increasing proximity, Daisy suddenly grabbed Yakira and even more forcefully stuck her gun against her head. She tried to deter Edward's incessant steps. Why couldn't he arrive just a little late? Daisy had driven the car as fast as possible, yet she still didn't buy herself enough time.

"Don't be afraid. No matter how this ends, I will be there with you." Edward kept walking towards her without hesitation. It turned out that the most romantic line in the world was not "I love you, " but "be with you." No one could notice its moving power, but he dropped it at such a crucial moment. He truly loved her just as much as she could imagine. It was an earnest affection that would dwarf millions of simple "I-love-you".

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