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   Chapter 570 I Will Pull the Trigger (Part One)

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"Daisy, we can talk this through. Let's put down the gun, okay? This is getting really dangerous." After all, Leo was a seasoned man, so he immediately reacted to this situation. He looked at Daisy with concern. His uncontrollable anger against Yakira turned into soothing tenderness for Daisy, but Daisy did not budge at all.

"Ha! Dangerous? So Mr. Ouyang does know what danger means in this world. Then how come it eluded you when you were having an affair before? How come you didn't see the danger when your acts were leading to my mother's death?"

Daisy instantly shifted her target to Leo. Although he wasn't the one who killed her mother, he was undeniably responsible. If he had ignored Yakira, no one could have had the chance to set him up. If he had been firm, then how could she have been able to exploit his weakness? So in the end, he was the person who needed to answer for his crime.

"I... So you know about it as well. Alright, I've never hoped to somehow exonerate myself. If you still consider my petty life worthy of anything, then kill me and allow me to use my own life to atone for the sin!" Leo closed his eyes, gravely saddened. He was wondering earlier why Daisy suddenly came over. It turned out she was here for revenge. If that was the case, then he had nothing to complain. After all, he owed her that much.

"Nonsense. Every injustice has its own perpetrator. Why would I take your life? Yakira, how long are you going to keep hiding? Do you think you can ge

t that moment? No, you can't empathize, because you never have a heart. Otherwise how could you be so ruthless that you couldn't even spare a pregnant woman?"

The muzzle of the gun was stuck right in the middle of Yakira's forehead. Daisy looked down at her with cold disdain. This woman unflinchingly destroyed her mother's young life. This woman also brutalized the other life that never had the chance to face this world. And now she lived in a luxurious mansion with her conscience buried. She robbed everything that was supposed to be Daisy's, and then lived her happy life in fine clothes and was served with delicacies everyday.

"No, I didn't do that. Brian, help me." Yakira stepped back in panic, but Daisy closely followed and kept the pressure up step by step. She was not giving Yakira any chance for escape.

"You didn't do it? You really didn't?" Daisy abruptly burst into laughter which seemed so imposing yet so tragic. One couldn't help but feel heartbroken at the scene.

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