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   Chapter 569 A Substitute (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4964

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Mary was a bit mad this time. She neither wanted to live in this house, nor she wanted to go back to the life she had lived in the past. Like Yakira, all of Mary's hopes were placed on Brian. She believed that Brian would be nice to her since she was his sister. However, Brian had never regarded her as a sister and he only cared about Daisy. Mary was so envious of Daisy that she was completely losing her mind.

Yakira stood behind Brian, feeling much relieved. Mary had somehow distracted Leo and Leo forgot about her for now. Yakira finally got the time to think about why Leo behaved so weird today. Leo had mentioned "an accident" just now. Yakira realized that Edward must have retaliated for what happened last night. Edward was indeed a man who fought over the smallest trifles.

At this time, the doorbell came from the entrance, which startled the servants who were watching the drama. The butler ran to the entrance to find out who was there. Through the screen, he saw a female soldier standing angrily at the entrance. He turned to Leo, terrified.

"Who is it?" Leo asked impatiently. The idea of the tragic death of Grace was a torture to him. He hated Yakira even more.

"It is a female soldier. Shall I open the door?" The butler asked in fear. Leo had a straight face today, and just now he wrung Yakira's neck. So, all of the servants were frightened and dared not look Leo in the eye.

"A female soldier? It must be Daisy. Come on, open the door." Brian imme

ry. Daisy stood still, while Mary fell down heavily on the ground. Daisy was a firm, steady soldier. She looked coldly at Mary as if she was a ghost from the hell. Mary trembled with fear.

"Bitch! How dare you come to our family? You have ruined our lives!" Mary yelled hysterically on the ground. She vent her anger on Daisy, not noticing how vicious Daisy was at this moment.

"Bitch? Let me tell you, I've never tried to seduce someone's husband nor hurt an innocent person like some real bitch did. You should feel lucky now as I'm not here for you. Otherwise, I would give you a lesson!"

Daisy stated coldly as she pointed her gun at Mary's forehead. Mary widened her eyes and dared not say anything more. She was afraid that Daisy might pull the trigger out of anger. She crumpled to the floor, with no energy left to argue with Daisy anymore. Mary was not the only one who was shocked. Everyone present was frightened by Daisy's movement and wondered whom she was aiming at.

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