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   Chapter 568 A Substitute (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4982

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"Dad, what are you doing? Can't we just sit down and sort it out?" Brian stepped forward and pushed Leo and Yakira apart. After all, Brian was young and vigorous. He saved Yakira from Leo's grip easily.

"Ahem! Ahem!" Yakira began to cough violently after holding her breath for a long time. She leaned against Brian, feeling limp. She trembled with fear as she thought she would be killed by Leo today.

"Brian, get out of my way! Otherwise, I won't spare you. Do you know how evil this bitch is? She is utterly devoid of conscience. I must settle accounts with her today." Leo shouted as he tried to push Brian away, in an attempt to take Yakira by the throat again. He was blinded with rage. What he only desired now was to have Yakira dead.

"I won't move. If you want to kill mom, you will have to kill me first." Brian closed his eyes in despair. Had he known that so many bad things would happen, he wouldn't have come back from abroad. He wouldn't have been bothered like this, and he wouldn't have been sandwiched between his father and mother now.

"Dad, how can you do this to mom? You don't even care about what happened to us last night? You only want to hit mom. What's wrong with you?" Mary questioned as she stamped her foot angrily. She didn't notice that Yakira was shooting her a warning glance.

"Bah! No matter what happened to this bitch, she deserves it. If there is divine justice, why is she still alive? I don't want to see her face ever again." Leo taunted.

ur family against my conscience. You should be the one held responsible for whatever happened. It's not anyone else's fault."

Brian sneered. If Mary had never treated Daisy with such cruelty, he wouldn't have treated her like this. If Mary had never tried to snatch everything from Daisy, he would have treated her as his sister. However, what Mary did was way out of line and Brian couldn't force himself to consider her as his family now. He was not a sage and he couldn't forgive anyone who dared to harm his family. He did a good job at blocking painful, unnecessary things from his mind and life.

"Hahaha! Brian, stop making excuses and stop insulting me. I'm not that kind of evil person like you think of me. Actually we both know that you dislike me because I come from a humble family. In your eyes, your sister should come from a rich and powerful family just like Daisy. I know I was from a poor family, and you look down on me. That's why you never treat me as your sister."

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