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   Chapter 567 Daisy Went Bananas (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5346

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Daisy thought to herself, 'Leo, now I feel very resentful and angry about what you did. No matter how cruel you were to me in the past, I never held a grudge against you. I just disliked you. However, now you have activated the hatred deep in my heart. I'm overwhelmed with this feeling. I'll not think about our relationship anymore. I won't forgive you ever!'

Wiping her tears, Daisy calmed herself down a little bit. She wished to shoot Yakira dead. This thought had consumed her completely. She had forgotten her identity as a colonel, her family members who loved her very much, and her husband who would love her till his last breath. She let these all go. She was blinded by hatred, and could no longer figure out who was the most important to her. She just stepped on the gas to the limit and drove amidst the constant flow of traffic.

"I can't see Daisy's car." Edward was drenched in sweat of fear and anxiety. Although the car was air-conditioned, sweat dripped from his face. The thought that Daisy took away Mark's gun in a violent rage scared him to the bone. He hoped Daisy could calm herself down on the way and wouldn't make any irreparable mistakes.

"Mr. Mu, shall we call Brian and ask him to stop Mrs. Mu?" Luke had been working for Edward for long, so he knew about their relationship.

"I forgot to bring my phone. Moreover, I don't remember his number." Edward closed his eyes. He didn't like to memorize phone numbers. He could rattle off the numbers of the people who were close to him, but others' numbers were saved in his phone. He didn't like Brian, so he didn't m

She finally realized that she shouldn't have extravagant hopes for what didn't belong to her. No matter how hard she tried, she would gain nothing in the end. However, she didn't regret falling in love with such a heartless man.

"Dad, let go of mom! You'll kill her!" Mary turned ghastly pale with fear. She stepped forward and tried hard to loosen Leo's hand but failed. Leo was so angry that he further tightened his grasp.

"Yakira, how do you want to die? How about throttling you? Or making it look like an accident?" Leo gritted his teeth. The gloomy atmosphere made everyone tremble with fear.

"Brian, why are you standing still there? Come and help me! Dad will wring mom's neck!" Mary snarled. Yakira's face turned blue. She could feel her heart pounding.

Mary's yelling brought Brian back to reality. Although he didn't like his mother, she brought him to this world anyway. If Leo strangled Yakira, he would be put in prison. In that case, Brian would lose his parents. It was the last thing Brian wanted to see, so he had to stop his father.

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