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   Chapter 566 Daisy Went Bananas (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5860

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"Daisy, stop!" Edward rushed out and tried to stop Daisy. However, Daisy was trained in the army. How could Edward even catch up with her?

"What's going on? Are you two mad at each other?" Hearing the noise, Cynthia walked out of her bedroom and tried to stop Edward and ask him what happened, but the answer she got was only his rapid footsteps.

"Colonel, are you going out for a mission?" Mark also ran out with his gun. As a security guard, he did own a gun. He wondered why Daisy looked so angry and walked hastily. Did she receive a notice of some mission of prime importance?

"Give me your gun. Don't follow me." Daisy stopped and grabbed the gun from Mark's hand. Before Mark could say anything, she continued to rush outside.

"Mark, take your gun back!" Edward yelled anxiously. When Edward was running after Daisy, he lost his balance and fell down on the stairs. Fortunately, he just missed a few steps, so he didn't get hurt, but as he fell, Daisy ran further.

"Colonel, where are you going? You took my gun!" Hearing Edward's words, Mark began to run after Daisy, wanting to get his gun back. Daisy kept running forward furiously. Looking at her running like this, Mark thought there must be something serious. It wasn't just any other mission.

"Go back! This is an order!" Daisy raised her eyebrow and gave an order in a dignified voice. Mark stopped immediately and didn't dare to go forward. As a soldier, he must obey orders, so he didn't dare to act against Daisy's order.

"Mrs. Mu, where are you going?" Luke just came back from somewhere. Before he could get off the car, Daisy pulled him out and got in the car agilely.

"Luke, hurry up! Stop her!" Since Mark failed to stop Daisy, Edward turned to Luke for help. H

ht that her mother bore bitter pain tore her heart into pieces. Such a feeling was not alien to her. She could feel how devastated her mother must have been after she found out that Leo cheated on her. Being deceived by Leo who she loved so dearly, she must have been heartbroken.

At the moment of the crash, she must have been scared. As a mother, she must have been frightened. She had always been a considerate woman. At that time, whatever she thought was definitely not to protect herself, but to protect the baby in her belly. However, the baby died against her will. Every hope she did have was killed, and her love for this world was over. She was reluctant to leave Daisy alone, but she couldn't do anything.

Daisy's face was covered with tears, and her heart was broken. She had never felt like this before. She kept honking and overtaking other cars on the road. It was so cruel to deprive her mother of her hope. Leo's betrayal had already disappointed her. What could be worse? The baby that she wanted to keep the most died. Worst of all, she also died. At this thought, Daisy felt breathless. Was this the so-called justice? It was totally unfair!

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