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   Chapter 565 I Am Here For You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6248

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"It was her. But for what?" Daisy swallowed hard. Her eyes were full of tears, but she fought them back. She grabbed his hand so forcibly and she forgot Edward was not the killer, but the man she loved and valued. Edward felt her emotions, he didn't remind her although he felt the pain as she tightly held onto his hand.

"Nothing but high position and great wealth could drive a heartless person to kill an expectant mother." Edward closed his eyes and decided to tell her all he knew. He ignored the pain from his hand. He would bear all the pain for her if she could feel better while holding his hand tightly.

"What did you say?" Daisy squeezed his hand with more strength. Her eyes became terrible. She stared at Edward, struck with awe. She could not believe her ears. There was something wrong. Her mother was pregnant. No, it was not true.

"I said your mother was pregnant at that time." Edward made up his mind to tell her the whole truth. She had already gotten hurt, so he should take the chance to speak everything out. It would be better to have short and sharp pains than long and dull pains. If she could not bear the pain like this, how could she face up to the following words that Edward was about to say?

"Haha... Edward, very funny. Why aren't you smiling? Don't you think this is funny?" Her nerves were on edge for a long time and stretched to the breaking point. Daisy could not help but burst out laughing. It broke Edward's heart. He would feel better if she cried. He loved her so much that he would like to shield her from the wind and rain of the world. He wanted her to be happy forever.

"Honey, it's okay. I'm here for you. Whatever difficulties you meet, I will work them out. I will do anything for you. Don't be brave. You can cry if you want to. Don't hold back. I feel so bad when you hold pain back." Edward could not find

e resentful after she listened to the recording. It was necessary to make a deal with her, just in case she went completely bananas and smacked him. He was not fully recovered from the gunshot yet, so he could not control her right now.

"I promise that I will try my best, but I cannot guarantee that nothing would happen." Daisy bit her lip. She knew she lost control just now. Her ugly crying had ruined her perfect image. But she didn't care. After all, he had seen worse. She would not feel embarrassed when he saw her crying. And she never made a promise that she could not keep. That's why she promised him that she would try her best.

"Okay! Good girl. That is the valiant Colonel Ouyang that I know." Edward gently wiped her tears away and lovingly kissed her mouth. Then he turned on the computer and played the recording about her mother's death. But unluckily, he obviously overestimated Daisy. Our valiant Colonel Ouyang did not keep her words. Yes, she tried her best to calm down while listening to the recording. She was absolutely quiet, as if it had nothing to do with her. But once the recording stopped, she ran to the door right away. She bristled with anger. Nobody dared get in her way, even the most ferocious dragon.

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