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   Chapter 564 I Am Here For You (Part One)

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"What I am about to tell you is related to your mother, so I would like to know your impression of her. Darling, what can you tell me about your mother?" If he did have another choice, he would not make Daisy relive the pain like that, but she had the right to know the actual cause for her mother's death. Nothing could be hidden for very long, she would hear it from someone else sooner or later. Well, he preferred to tell her himself. Anyway he loved her and was always ready to console her when she felt sad or upset. Okay, it was time to let the cat out of the bag. He was well prepared to provide his shoulder for her to cry on.

"From what I remember, my mother was a beautiful and gentle woman. She was full of classical grace and nobility. Her gestures and the way she behaved would remind everyone of her noble elegance, and her blue blood. I could never learn that. She treated everyone she met with a sweet smile and friendliness. She was the ever-burning sun, shining every day of my life. She loved me very much and I just wanted to melt into her love."

Speaking of her mother, her face showed signs of a happy smile. It was imperceptible but Edward noticed it. Daisy was lost in the memories about her mother. She admired her mother, and she really missed the woman. Edward could tell from her face and her words.

"Wow, that's a loaded description. And you almost never speak so highly of anyone. I'm really starting to wonder how beautiful your mother was." As a matter of fact, Edward was more interested in why Leo Ouyang betrayed her and preferred Yakira Mo when Grace was such an extraordinary beautiful woman and Yakira was such a disgusting vulgar sow. It was beyond his understanding. If there was an answer, only Leo knew what it was.

"Err! There are all kinds of beautiful women in the world, but I have never seen the same beauty as my mother. She was elegant but melancholy, noble but friendly. She was a charming and soft classical b

!" Daisy trembled all over. This was so dreadful. She could not believe it. If that was true, who could be so awful to such a good woman? How could he or she hurt such a beautiful fairy? Did he or she feel guilty after killing the most friendly and innocent woman?

"I know this is important to you. I won't make jokes. I wish it were one big joke, but sorry, darling, it's true. I have a clear mind. I know you have the right to know the truth." Yes, he wished it were a bad joke that he made, so she wouldn't be hurt. However, it was nothing but a brutal truth.

"Who killed my mother? Don't tell me it was Leo Ouyang." Her face looked blanched. She was afraid her father killed her mother just as she suspected. What if father murdered mother? Mother used to love her so much but had been dead for years. Father had never liked Daisy but was the only person alive with a blood relationship to her. What should she do? Should she avenge her dead mother, or let her father go? It was hard to decide. Whatever her decision might be, it was destined to be painful.

"No, he wasn't. He didn't do it in a direct way, but he was related to it indirectly." Edward paused. Daisy was a clever woman. She would figure it out when she got a hint that her mother was murdered and her father was indirectly involved.

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