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   Chapter 563 Don't Be Too Cruel To Me

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"Remember what I said this morning? Do you still want to hear it?" Edward took her hand in his and settled her on his lap, wrapping his long and slim arms around her waist. But he dared not look into her clear dark eyes, where he could see the reflection of a cruel man, a man who was about to tell her the harsh truth.

"If you are able to speak it out, then I'd love to hear it. But if you are unwilling to talk about it, I won't force you to." Daisy was quite relaxed as she rested against his chest. She was very eager to know everything. But if Edward didn't want to tell her about it, she wouldn't make things difficult for him. She left it to him to make the decision.

"I'm not worried about myself, I'm worried about you. If the news will cause you pain, do you still want to hear it?" He bowed and kissed her head gently. He never found himself to be an indecisive man. But he would always have trouble making up his mind when it came to matters that concerned Daisy. He would make every effort to make things less difficult for her every time. But every time, he found himself helpless to do nothing but watch her suffer in the end. To be honest, he often hated himself in those cases. He loved her deeply, yet he could not protect her from all harm. Most of the time, he could only watch her struggle painfully and shoulder the burden that had already become too heavy for her.

"It sounds like it concerns me. And judging from your serious tone, is it safe to assume that something bad has happened?" Daisy asked, turning her face towards Edward all of a sudden. She looked him straight in the eye. Her gaze was full of innocence, as if she was earnestly trying to

tough on the outside, but my heart is not always strong. Just don't pose any problems that are beyond my ability. I think this request is reasonable enough."

That's right, Daisy was scared. After enjoying the passion of love, she found the gut-wrenching harshness of death much harder to bear. Now, she had things that she held dear. This was the reason she was so afraid that something terrible and cruel had happened. She never liked it when other people thought of her as a weak person, but that didn't mean that she was invulnerable.

"As you recall, what was your mother like?" Edward asked softly. He was trying to make it seem like they were having a regular conversation, hoping to get into the main topic gradually. Because he also understood the duality of her character, she was both strong and weak. He wanted to reveal the shocking truth in a gentle and mild way.

"My mother? Does she have anything to do with this? Or are you simply trying to change the topic?" Daisy was now confused. She didn't have the slightest idea why Edward would suddenly mention her mother. Panic slowly began to set in.

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