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   Chapter 561 You Win (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4914

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"Yes, Mr. Mu." The waiter nodded politely. He knew the young and handsome CEO even though he didn't see him frequently. He wheeled the cart into the room and put the food on the dinning table. His movements were quick and smooth the entire time.

Edward stood aside and watched him with a smile. He waited patiently and didn't say a word until the waiter finished all his work. Some guests might prefer to tell the waiter how to do his job or complain while waiting, but Edward wasn't like that.

"It's all set, Mr. Mu. Is there anything else I can do for you?" The waiter asked as his hand dropped to his side. He kept his head down, avoiding the eye contact with Edward. Though Edward seemed approachable and nice all the time, there was something intimidating about him.

"No, that's all. Thank you." Edward was always friendly with his staff. He wasn't an overbearing, ill-tempered boss. This was the reason his staff loved him and respected him all the time.

"You're very welcome. If you excuse me, I shall go back to work now." The waiter took his leave and closed the door behind him. He rarely met the CEO, only several times in a year at the most. Edward wasn't a boss who would criticize people for no reason, but he emitted a very powerful aura with his looks and actions. Under Edward's gaze, the waiter started to feel a cold sweat all over his body and couldn't wait to get out of his sight.

"Ah! That smells really good. When did you order room se

as about her mother and Daisy deserved the truth. At the moment, he was a bundle of nerves from the apprehension.

If Edward's worries were a fuse, then Luke was the one who ignited it. Leo was heartbroken when he read the report the private investigator had handed in. But the feeling was nothing compared to what he felt now. After he heard the audio tape that Luke brought him, he felt as if his heart was being pierced and twisted by a thousand knives. He sat immobile for a long time. His mind went blank, his face was grey, and his eyes looked empty and dead.

Grace's death wasn't an accident. Yakira had planed everything. Not only did he fall for her lies, but he also married her. It was all unfair to Grace. He married the woman who murdered Grace without hesitation. He let that wicked woman take away everything that belonged to Grace. He remembered that he had promised Grace that he would love her forever. This was his so-called love and promise? What a joke!

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