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   Chapter 560 You Win (Part One)

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"Did I laugh? Are you sure about that? Your eyes are playing tricks on you. You must be so starving that you start seeing things." Edward reached out and smoothed her inky hair gently. In his arms, Daisy let her guard down and she looked more vulnerable and feminine. He loved this side of her as much as he loved the authoritative colonel in military uniform.

"And you're the one to blame. This is all your fault!" Daisy tilted her head back to glare at him. His words earned him a pinch on his waist. Even though she was angry, she didn't pinch him in full strength. She couldn't help worrying about him. If he got hurt, she would feel his pain.

"Oh, you're right. This is all my fault. How about I make it up to you by buying you dinner?" He hugged her tightly, his slender arms wrapped around her waist. He looked into her eyes and indulged himself in the soft touch of her warm body. It felt amazing. He was always so easily turned on by her.

"Huh! I have money. I don't need you to buy me dinner. I need clothes. Get me some clothes now." Edward tried to pinch the tip of her nose, but Daisy quickly evaded it. He liked teasing her like this. It always made her feel like she was a puppy. She refused to give him the satisfaction.

"So… you want clothes. Tell me, how are you going to reward me after you get them?" Flirting with her was something he could never get enough of. Edward enjoyed spending time with her. He especially liked teasing her.

"Damn it. That's enough. Do you have to bargain with me over everything? I'lI just walk out like this, I don't mind. I just hope y

k! My silliness brought out your cleverness. But who did you ask to send this over?" Daisy asked curiously as she found her underwear in the bag. Whoever packed her uniform was very thoughtful.

"Your aide. Don't give me that look. Mom packed your clothes." Before Edward could say another word, there was a knock on the door. Daisy grabbed her clothes and rushed into the bathroom. Her quick reflexes showed her expertise as a soldier, but it also made Edward realize one thing. Given that she was so afraid of being seen now, he was stupid enough to believe that she would dare go out wearing nothing but a shirt. But it was no use crying over spilled milk now.

"Come in." Edward opened the door to see a waiter outside with a food cart. He didn't just go out to fetch her clothes, he also checked the food on the way. Since he didn't come to this hotel often, he wasn't familiar with the food choices here. He carefully chose the food and had them sent to their room. It was more convenient for Daisy, and it also gave them more time to be alone together.

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