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   Chapter 559 Don’t Look At Me Like That

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"Really? Is it really that serious? I don't think so. You must be exaggerating. Mom, what do you think?" Mary found what the policeman said a little hard to swallow. She didn't expect that Daisy could wield such tremendous power. She was always eager to be superior over Daisy. But Daisy was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and was happily married to Edward who loved her dearly. On the other hand, Mary was a single woman from a poor family. Moreover, Daisy was a colonel, while Mary was an ordinary woman. In short, Mary was inferior to Daisy in every aspect. The harsh truth was devastating to her.

"We're currently detained in the police station. Why are you still asking such a stupid question?" Yakira replied angrily. She shouldn't have offended the lawyer of the Ouyang Foreign Trade a while back, or she wouldn't be suffering bitterly here. But she would never beg Daisy for mercy. She would rather stay here than ask Daisy to release her. She wanted to keep her dignity.

"Why did you yell at me? Wait and see. Daisy will pay the price soon." Mary displayed a vicious smile. A lot of people hated Daisy, and Jessica was at the top of the list. In that case, they could find a chance to cut Daisy down to size. They had to destroy Daisy. Then she couldn't pretend to be pure and noble anymore.

Yakira looked at Mary with a frown. She didn't understand what Mary meant, but she knew her daughter like the back of her hand. Mary was an impetuous person and always acted without careful consideration. Overcome with rage, she would go to any length to get what she wanted. At the thought, Yakira couldn't help but heave a sigh. She didn't ask Mary about her plan. As a result, Mary would repeat her mistake later.

Daisy ignored all the members of the Ouyang family, but because she cared about her younger brother Brian, she didn't want to make any trouble. After waking up, she called the police station and told them to release Yakira and Mary. Deep in her heart, she didn't want Brian to know that he had such a shameless and despicable mother. He would be heartbroken. She couldn't bear to see that, so she decided to hide it from him and protect him from the painful truth. Brian was her only brother. She couldn't afford to lose him.

"Is it done?" Edward looked at Daisy tenderly. She didn't open her eyes until noon, which surprised him. Instead of waking her up, he went back to sleep with her. When she woke up, he asked her to release Yakira and Mary. He had a bigger surprise prepared for them.

"Tell me. Why did you want me to release Yakira and Mary?" Daisy narrowed her eyes at Edward, wondering. She just wanted to teach them a lesson, but Edward's request was contrary to how he usually behaved. She didn't know why he asked her to release t

lways improved herself to achieve what she wanted. Since she never relied on anyone, she was afraid that she would become obsessed with the feeling. Even though she enjoyed the excellent conditions that her husband provided, she felt constantly uneasy.

After the bath, Daisy's skin became crimson and smooth, which gave her a delicate and glamorous look. Moreover, she looked petite in Edward's baggy shirt. She felt like she was naked, and it made her uncomfortable. She kept pulling down the shirt, but no matter how much she pulled, the shirt didn't become any longer. She was frustrated.

Edward was greeted with the amusing scene when he pushed the door open. He couldn't help but burst into laughter. He didn't expect Daisy to be so adorable. This was a rare and good chance to see the brilliant Colonel Ouyang so charming and adorable in private.

"Do you need my help?" With a gentle smile, Edward put the paper bag in his hand on the bed. Crossing his arms over his chest, he looked at Daisy with a mischievous look in his eyes. He couldn't move his gaze from Daisy's slender legs.

"No, thanks. Get some clothes for me. I can't go out like this." Daisy covered her thighs with her hands in embarrassment.

"You look good. Don't worry. No one will laugh at you." Edward walked up to Daisy and gathered her into his arms. Looking at the woman in his shirt, he couldn't help but plant a kiss on her forehead. She was the first woman to wear his shirt. Her stunning look fascinated him.

"You're laughing at me. Don't make fun of me." Daisy angrily pinched Edward's waist. Edward was neatly dressed. But there were no women's clothes in the wardrobe, so Daisy had to wear his shirt. She desperately wanted to wear her military uniform. But because Edward had violently torn the buttons off it last night, she couldn't wear it anymore.

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