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   Chapter 558 Just a Petty Official

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7717

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Edward moved over to the bedside and looked at Daisy with a tender expression on his face, as if she were a painting he never got tired of looking at. He was afraid that he would lose her one day. Daisy was always giving him surprises. He was touched.

Edward pinched her nose lightly. Daisy woke up, batting her long beautiful eyelashes. When she saw Edward, she closed her eyes again before suddenly sitting up in bed. But she had to lie back down because her body was so sore and numb.

"Slow down. No need to be so excited to see me." Edward joked with a charming smile, but Daisy wasn't attracted.

"Edward, what time is it? Why didn't you wake me up? Damn it. I'm late, " Daisy said angrily. Edward seemed relaxed while she was sore all over. She felt a lot more tired than usual after training. She just wanted to keep lying down and not move at all.

"It's okay. Go back to sleep. I already asked for leave for you." Edward sat on the bed and comforted her. He patted her shoulder as if she were a baby.

"Really? Okay, I'll just sleep a while more. Then I'll go to work." Daisy mumbled. She held Edward's waist and stroked his arm. Feeling peaceful and safe in his presence, she soon fell asleep. Edward sat still helplessly. He wouldn't be able to keep the same position for long. After a while, his body would become stiff.

He sighed and climbed onto the bed. He lied down next to her and settled her head on his arm. He watched her quietly, feeling grateful to have her in his life. Otherwise, he would never have known what true love was.

Yakira and Mary spent the night in the police station. Every person who went in and out looked at them curiously. The intense humiliation they felt made them hate Daisy even more.

"Mom, it's morning already. Is that bitch really so ruthless as to keep us here all night? Forget dad. You are Brian's mom. He has always been good to her, she shouldn't have thrown us here! We're not even allowed to post bail. What the hell? Does she think we know nothing about the law? What's wrong with the legal counsel of Ouyang Foreign Trade? I called him so many times but he never answered the phone. Is he trying to get fired?"

Mary gritted every word through her teeth. Edward had been a sitting duck to her, but then Daisy came and ruined everything

imself. Everything left him puzzled.

"Important? She's just a colonel. Who cares?" Mary assumed that a colonel was similar to a manager in a firm. There was nothing to be afraid of.

"What? Just a colonel? Tell me, what kind of position do you think is important enough?" The policeman stared at her in disbelief. He couldn't believe his ears. These were the most ridiculous words he had ever heard. How could they be so arrogant? Were they more powerful than Daisy?

"How powerful is a colonel?" Mary asked. They weren't going anywhere and she had nothing better to do anyway. She took the opportunity to find out more about Daisy and why she was so haughty.

Yakira's mouth moved, as if she had something to say, but in the end nothing came out of her mouth. Daisy had made the chief of the Public Security Bureau pick them up himself, but her stupid daughter still couldn't see Daisy's power. Mary thought Daisy was only a petty official. Since Yakira was too pissed to talk to her, she decided to remain silent and let the policeman explain it to Mary.

"What do you think? She doesn't even give a damn about our chief, you can imagine how powerful she is. It's not your fault that you can't understand all this. After all, you're not a politician. It's bad luck that you have offended her, though! Pray for yourself." The policeman sighed and shook his head. He was rendered speechless by Mary's ignorance. He decided to go back to work. It was always wise to talk less and do more work. He didn't want to get into trouble.

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