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   Chapter 557 I Always Know That (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6447

Updated: 2018-11-26 02:54

Edward opened the suite door gently to get out, then he closed it carefully as well. He was so thoughtful and considerate that he tried to make his movements as gentle as possible, not wanting to disturb his petite lady's sleep. He knocked softly on the door of the room next to his suite. Very soon, Luke came out and answered the door.

"Mr. Mu, you're up. Are you alright?" asked Luke. He glanced at his watch, and didn't expect Mr. Mu to be this early. He had assumed that because of what might have happened between Mr. and Mrs. Mu last night, Mr. Mu might get up much later than this.

"I'm fine. What about Yakira and her daughter?" What concerned Edward most was Yakira and her daughter. The moment he saw Daisy last night, the tension that had been tightened for too long in his mind had suddenly gone. Then he had fallen into some sort of disorientation. It wasn't until he saw the tears falling down Daisy's face that he gained his mind back a little. But he still didn't know what had happened to Yakira and her daughter. He assumed that since he had been set up this time, Luke would never let them get out of trouble easily.

"They were sent to the police station by Mark. It was an order from Mrs. Mu, " answered Luke. Just like reserving a suite for Edward in every one of his hotels, there would alsways be a room next to his suite reserved for his bodyguards as well. So Edward could be sure that Luke was in this room, which was something he had been so used to.

"Oh! That's unexpected. But what was the charge?" Edward frowned, then he laughed playfully. He was quite curious about what kind of charge had gotten Yakira and her daughter in trouble with the cops.

"It's said that they were accused of intentionally injuring another person, " answered Luke. He believed that such a charge was somewhat unsubstantiated too, for they had completely forgotten about collecting evidence at that time, and if

hen Mr. and Mrs. Mu needed to leave here later, the car would be here already and they wouldn't need to wait for the car to come, which could save them some precious time. Luke was a careful man and he always took care of the little things. That's why Edward had trusted him all the time.

After watching Luke get into the elevator, Edward got back to his own thoughts. He was quite excited about what would happen next. What kind of show would they be playing for him to watch? But before the showtime came, he would have to ask Daisy to release Yakira and her daughter first. Otherwise, if these two leading roles of the show were absent, how could the show go on? To be honest, Edward had to admit that he was quite an evil man from this point of view. He could always punish those who had offended and provoked him without getting his hands dirty or leaving a clue. This time, however, he would see if Yakira and her daughter were strong enough to take his punishment.

Edward headed back into his room. He had thought that his petite wife would wake up now, but instead, he saw her still sleeping quietly, which made him laugh at himself a little. It seemed that he exhausted her last night, or she wouldn't have slept for so long without even the slightest sign of waking up.

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