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   Chapter 556 I Always Know That (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7573

Updated: 2018-11-26 01:13

"Honey, I love you, " said Daisy. She looked at Edward and locked her beautiful eyes on him with great admiration and love. At this wonderful moment, she didn't want to spoil any of this happiness. She didn't want to ask for too much. All she wished for was simply to be with him, to be with the man that she loved so deeply. And she did hope that from now on, they could go through all the hardships and difficulties together, and they would never have to be separated again. She was grateful to him, for the thoughtfulness and gentleness that he had kept even when he was drugged, for the care and respect he had given to her even when his mind was controlled by such a strong drug. She would love to thank him with her love for the rest of her life.

"Sweetie, I always know that, " said Edward. Sometimes, when love reached a certain state, they felt like they were becoming immortal celestial beings who lived in heaven. Their love for each other was so deep and great that they wished this perfect moment would never pass, and their minds and feelings had come to a level beyond perfection.

The night was long, but not as deep as their love. After experiencing all these hardships, they finally earned their precious love and happiness. They cuddled with each other and fell into a good night's deep sleep underneath the night's beautiful sky where stars were shining and reflecting each other.

When the first morning sunlight came through the curtain and shone on this happy couple, Daisy didn't wake up as usual. She was still sleeping sweetly, snuggling in Edward's arms, like a lazy kitten, so petite and so cute.

Perhaps for every man on Earth, sex with their loved ones could never be too much, and their bodies would never be too fatigued to have more. So just as every time before, Edward was still the one that woke up first after their love making. He opened his deep and intoxicating eyes, and what he saw first was his petite wife who slept like a cute baby, which had made up such an enjoyable scene that he felt a very profound peacefulness coming from his heart.

Probably he had asked for too much from her body time after time last night, so she was too tired to wake up. Daisy was still sleeping quietly, and wasn't even slightly affec

?' But after he complained about Mr. Mu's weird behavior, Mark still had to obey his order. He called the army base and asked for leave for Colonel. Otherwise, if Commander couldn't find the Colonel, he might make a series of desperate phone calls, which would definitely get everyone into trouble.

After taking the cozy warm bath, Edward went out the bathroom feeling totally relaxed, without the tension and fatigue that had covered him since he woke up. He was completely refreshed now, even his mood got better. He took a look at the beauty on the bed, who was still in her sweet sleep, and he knew he did lavish love and affection on her, because he just couldn't help smiling when seeing her.

He opened the wardrobe, looking at all the clothes of different styles. He thought for a moment, and then decided to put on a casual looking off-white suit. It was his habit that every hotel under FX International Group would reserve a suite for him, and there would always be all kinds of clothing for various occasions in his suite, which would be much more convenient for him. But unfortunately, he forgot to ask his staff to get some clothing for Daisy in the wardrobe. It was his fault this time. Because after his reunion with her, he had never thought of spending a night with her in a hotel of this city. After all, their home was always much cozier and more comfortable than a hotel room. Even if this was his hotel, it still couldn't compare to their home, where he could feel the warmth of love.

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