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   Chapter 555 Do You Know Who I Am (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5555

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"You're not leaving? Mark, call Mr. Yi to come here and take them to the police station himself. Yakira, you should be very proud of yourself! Picked up by the chief of Public Security Bureau. Luke, let's go." The corner of Daisy's mouth twitched, but the smile didn't reach her eyes. She walked to the door, supporting Edward with her hands. If they would rather ride in a police car than in a military vehicle, then let them be. She would let them know what using her position to settle a personal score really meant.

"Got it, colonel. Don't worry about it." To be honest, kicking two struggling women out was not good for Mark's image as a soldier. So what the colonel suggested was fantastic, and devious. He wouldn't need to do anything himself to get this task done. And why not?

"Daisy, you will go to hell for treating me like this! Won't you even think of Brian's feelings? I'm his biological mother!" Yakira didn't expect that Daisy would set her mind on sending her to police station, without even considering Leo's reputation. So eventually, she had to bring up Brian, to see if Daisy would change her mind.

"Brian? I'll explain it to him later. It's none of your business. Mark, watch them carefully. Without my permission, nobody can let them out." After she finished talking, Daisy paid no mind to what the woman and her daughter were saying, and left without even looking back. She helped Edward out to the car.

"Mrs. Mu, where are we going? Home or hotel?" Once out of Sexy World, Luke asked hurriedly, he himself also felt sorry for Edward. Who would have expected that a proud man like him would be drugged by two women? It might be th

"Don't cry, or I'll feel sad too." The kiss was soft. Even though he was surely under the influence of the drug, he could still smell the slight aroma of jasmines from her body and feel the familiarity. It was the instinct of love that made him know this was the woman he loved deeply in his heart. So he really didn't mean to be like this.

"Honey, you know who I am." Daisy cried from pure joy. She didn't blame him for being rough. What she was worried about was that he didn't know who he was going to sleep with, and that was the reason why she suddenly felt so sad. Now hearing his comforting words, her heart started to beat for him again.

"Woman, in your eyes, is the man you love really that weak? Don't you trust your judgement? Or don't you trust me?" Edward said softly, eyes full of unfocused affection.

"I just don't trust myself. Because I'm rarely this lucky. But I'm really happy that I'm lucky enough to have you." Daisy put her mouth on his thin lips, even bit lightly on those lips with a hint of anger. Her eyes were still full of tears, but this time, they were happy tears.

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