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   Chapter 554 Do You Know Who I Am (Part One)

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"Daisy, do you dare to tell me that it was't you who told Leo to divorce me?" Right now, Yakira was like a mad dog that wanted to bite anyone who was in front of her. This was why she blamed her misfortunes on someone else.

"I swear it wasn't me. But for the sake of God, I'm so happy to hear such a delightful thing. I have to congratulate you, this day finally comes. It seems that every cloud does have a silver lining." Usually, Daisy would not be the kind of person who would hit someone when they were down. But facing such an infuriating situation, she couldn't help acting all snarky and mean when she was speaking. Even without a single dirty word, she could still take down the her enemy a few notches.

"What do you mean? So you are saying that you've been hoping that your father would divorce me? For such an innocent face, you are really malicious inside." Daisy had always been the thorn in Yakira's heart. Because right from the start, Daisy had never really cared about her, let alone called her mother. Ever since she joined Ouyang's family, Daisy had always acted high and mighty in front of her, making her feel lowly and small before the girl.

"No, I have never hoped for something so trivial and meaningless to me like that. Because it has nothing to do with me and isn't worth my precious time. But speaking of being malicious, I would say that I can never compete with you. So just set your heart at rest, you will always be the most malicious one. Nobody will ever take the title from you."

Daisy just coldly raised an eyebrow, looking sarcastically at the shameless couple of mother and daughter who had no morals in her eyes. To be honest, she really felt very sorry for Brian. Who would have thought that such a reasonable big boy had such a mo

a few tissues from the napkin dispenser to wipe the sweat from Edward's forehead. Though she was upset with him for not listening to her and drinking behind her back, she still didn't have the heart to blame him, like many times before. And this guy, he surely had a clue of what Daisy's attitude would be when he acted without thinking, right?

"Got it, colonel." Mark gave her a military salute, then turned around and looked at the two women that he didn't like either. For a man who seldom frowned, he couldn't help but frown and said : "Now! Are you leaving voluntarily or you want me to kick you out? The first choice will be so much better, while the second one will be really embarrassing for you two."

"Why would we leave? Try and lay a finger on us and see what happens. I will let everyone in the whole city know that you are using skills learned in the army to take vengeance on us. That you're using your position to settle a personal score. A colonel bullying us ordinary people, what a joke!" Yakira didn't want to choose at all. She had a personal dread of the police stations, so she didn't want to be sent to one. Maybe this was her so-called guilty conscience.

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