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   Chapter 553 I Don't Like Trash

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9449

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"Edward, believe me, you won't want to blow me off anymore once you sleep with me, " Mary said. Despite her mother's presence, she laid her hands on Edward's chest and moved them around with lust filling her eyes, as if she couldn't wait to throw him onto the bed at once.

"You? How many men have you slept with? C'mon, why would I want to have anything to do with you? I'm afraid I'll have to pass, because I don't like trash. So stay the hell away from me. Mrs. Ouyang, is this how you educate your daughter? You taught her to be a whore?"

Edward asked Yakira sarcastically. Now he could see that she was trying to use Mary as bait to control him. Pathetically, she had chosen the wrong chess piece. Edward would rather be celibate than be with Mary. Daisy was the only woman in the world that he wanted, or needed.

"Nothing comes free, right?" Yakira said, afraid to look Edward in the eye. She knew Mary had lost her virginity a long time ago, but still, when she watched her teasing Edward so adeptly, she couldn't help but blush with shame. She had to make Luke go away, so that Edward and Mary could be alone and she didn't have to stay and watch that anymore.

"Do you really think you'll get your wish? You're wrong. First of all, I'm not interested in Mary. Secondly, I'm not a puppet." Mary's hands were all over Edward. He ignored them and looked at Yakira, her head bowed. Could she be ashamed to see her daughter like that? It seemed she still had some sense of shame after all.

"It's worth a shot. You'll never know if it will work or not unless you try. If you think you can resist the drug's potency, you're being stupid. You will only make it stronger. No matter how much you resist, you'll lose your rationality and mental power soon. Why don't you just stop struggling? It's useless, "

Yakira said, but her mind was actually focused on making up an excuse to make Luke leave. The drug made the person very weak at first, but when it started to work, the person would become very strong. She was worried that things might get out of control.

"To tell you the truth, I would rather hurt myself than touch your daughter. Although I'm not a saint, I'm afraid a loose woman like her would dirty me, " Edward sneered. Beads of sweat were rolling down his forehead, although the box was air-conditioned. He was doing his best to resist the drug. In the meantime, Mary was shamelessly pressing her plump breasts against his body.

"Edward, how do you have the heart to talk about me like that?" Mary said as her mouth approached his lips. She acted flirty, as if her mother weren't there.

"Mary, you touch my lips, you're dead meat!" Edward rolled his eyes grimly. He didn't care where else she touched, but his lips belonged to Daisy. Nobody but her could touch them.

"I..." Mary had returned f

him into making out with me if he didn't want me?" Mary watched the intimacies between Edward and Daisy. She was burning with jealousy. She had tried everything to seduce him, but he didn't respond to her at all. However, Daisy kept rejecting him and he kept trying again. What did he see in her to make him drop his pride and devote himself to her?

"If you hadn't drugged him, you wouldn't even have been able to get near him. Stop dreaming. Seriously, You're not his type." Edward kissed her on the lips as soon as Daisy finished her last sentence. She had to put his head in her bosom. She felt bad to see him like that, but he needed to learn his lesson and take her words seriously.

"You! You think you are his type? Don't be smug. A wonderful man like Edward wouldn't need just one woman. Think about Jessica. You will end up like her one day." Mary said sarcastically without a trace of embarrassment for her behavior.

"Never mind how I will end up. Start thinking about what will happen to you. Mark, put them in prison under the charge of physical assault. They can't be released unless I say so." Edward's condition seemed to be getting worse. Daisy decided not to waste any more time on Yakira and Mary.

"Yes, colonel." Mark always acted quickly on Daisy's orders. He was dedicated as a guard, and devoted to Daisy.

"Daisy, your father won't forgive you for doing this to us." Yakira had remained silent until now. No matter how cunning and shrewish she was, she felt she was in the wrong after being caught on the spot. So she didn't dare to be too arrogant. Furthermore, she hadn't forgotten that she was a senior here.

"I fear nothing and I don't have a father." Hearing Yakira mention Leo, Daisy became more upset and sensitive. Although she pretended she didn't care about Leo at all, that was not true. She was Leo's blood. Nothing could change that.

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