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   Chapter 552 Mr. Mu Was Drugged (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5219

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"So you're saying I think too highly of myself? I hope it's really as Mr. Mu said, that such unimportant people like us aren't worth pulling a fast one, " said Yakira. Her mouth raised up with a hint of irony. 'Edward Mu, no matter how evil and cunning you are, you wouldn't be so arrogant to think that we would be willing pawns in your game!' she thought silently.

"Hum! May I also guess that all your attempts to keep me here are connected with the glass of wine which you have just given to me?" asked Edward. At the same time, he quietly phoned Daisy under the table, and in that moment, he suddenly felt his strength drain away.

"You already figured it out, Edward?" said Mary. Mary wasn't smart at all. She admitted that they drugged the wine right away. As a silly girl, she was also quite arrogant. So, even if Daisy weren't in the picture, she still wouldn't match up to Edward's exacting standards. He was excellent, she was not.

"So I've figured it out. Well, spit it out! What do you want? Do you want to turn me into the second Leo Ouyang? But do you think I will be as kind as he is? You messed with the wrong guy, and this won't end well for you, " As Edward was talking, he secretly glanced down at the phone in his hand. When he found that the call went through, he was relieved.

"What? Second Leo Ouyang? I have no idea what you're talking about, " said Yakira. She stared at Mary peevishly. Others would never admit what they did was wrong even if they were caught in the act. However, Mary herself admitted to her crime so quickly.

ren on the roof of the car and pushed the button. For an instant, the harsh police siren screamed into the night along the city streets. They drove at full tilt towards Sexy World. To tell the truth, it was the first time for the colonel to sound the alarm for a personal affair. Mark frowned. Except for Mr. Mu, no one could make her behave so oddly.

At this moment, Edward stared at Mary angrily. He was angry that he had no strength to push her away. Under the circumstances, he was unusually curious. They drugged him with such a strong aphrodisiac. However, he could not move at all. Did they want to force him to have sex? Otherwise, no matter how big his erection was, he didn't have the strength to take action!

"Mary! I will send you to some place where you can act as a whore if you touch me again, " Edward said angrily. His whole face flushed red as he endured Mary's caresses. They even could see his blood vessels expand. His forbidding eyes were so horrible. Anyone who bothered to look into them would see their doom.

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