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   Chapter 551 Mr. Mu Was Drugged (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5471

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Yakira Mo was also quite nervous now. But she was nervous about very different things than Mary was. She remembered that Edward's bodyguard, Luke, was waiting outside. He had a gaze that was cold enough to freeze others. If she left the room, what excuse could she use? Could she say that she needed to leave because Edward and Mary were having sex inside? And what of Luke? What would she do if he tried anything. She was in a real pickle right now. And this was the most troubling thing for her.

Edward did not suspect anything at all as he did not believe that there was anyone who was bold enough to try and trick him. Therefore, he drank all the wine in the glass without hesitation. He was finally healed, and didn't drink any alcohol during his recovery. So he was really craving a drink. Now he finally dampened his desire by drinking the wine.

"Would you like another drink, Edward?" asked Mary Ouyang. She didn't notice how worried her mother was. Instead she focused her eyes on Edward. And she was looking forward to the fierce and passionate scene that was bound to happen later.

"No, I have something else to do. I need to go," answered Edward. He checked his watch. He was supposed to meet Daisy outside the bar later. He had gotten accustomed to making others wait for him, but he wouldn't do this for his darling wife. He cared about her so much that he didn't want to make her wait for him at all. Of course, she warned him not to drink when he called her there to meet up. But she didn't ask who was in the bar with him, and Edward didn't bother to tell her. Maybe she thought that Rain or some of his other fr

ou always been cold to us? So you're suddenly friendly. Isn't your change in attitude evidence that you were waiting for us?" Yakira was not as ignorant as Mary. Mary might think that he really wanted to accompany them to have a drink. She didn't believe that he could show them any respect if he hadn't approached them on purpose. Everyone knew that the CEO of FX International Group wasn't even willing to give face to the mayor. Why would he really treat them any differently?

"Mrs. Ouyang seems to know me well. However, you think too much. Do you think that everyone is up to something? Quit projecting your passive-aggressive behavior on others. What's more, don't forget, I'm not you. I can't do wicked things at the drop of a hat like you guys do. So unfortunately, this time, you'll be disappointed. To be honest, you two are not worthy of my time," said Edward calmly.

As proud as Edward was, even if his opponent saw through him, he would always maintain his dignity and honor, and would never get upset. So no matter what, he would not admit that he did anything on purpose.

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