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   Chapter 550 Conspiracy (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7253

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"You should ask Mrs. Ouyang about this! I think she can give you a more appropriate answer than me." Edward lifted his eyes in a resolute manner. His face suddenly became as cold as ice. He was no more the idle dandy in ordinary days.

"Mom, what is going on here? What happened?" If Mary was even half as smart as her mother, she would not ask such a stupid question at this critical moment. Mary was dumb. She did't realize the subtext behind the conversation going on between Edward and her mother.

"How would I know? Drink your wine and do not cut in, Mary!" Yakira rolled her eyes at her daughter. What a foolish daughter she had given birth to! 'Stupid girl! Do you want me to admit my guilt in front of Edward! How I wish that Edward could listen to my explanation and believe every word I say. But that might only happen when the sun starts rising from the west. It is impossible!' Yakira could not help but sneer at her daughter in her heart.

"Mom, why did you get angry? I'm just curious." Mary was irritated by Yakira scolding her in front of Edward. She felt embarrassed for her impaired dignity, and her face darkened.

Edward furrowed his brows. He somehow felt helpless at Yakira's obstinateness, which was far beyond his imagination. She carefully designed every word she said, and was clever enough to avoid every bait he prepared for her. It was difficult to convict her. Without her own testimony, there would never be a chance to bring her to justice. He knew she was the culprit, but he was unable to prove her guilty because of lack of evidences. It was unfair to Daisy. His beloved wife must have been sad to see his incompetence.

The atmosphere became serious all of a sudden. The former tepid attitude of the three people in the room now led to an embarrassing silence. Both Edward and Yakira were racking their brains to find a means to their ends. To be frank, Yakira had consulted several legal documents to solve this problem. She was certain that no one would be able to convict her without evidences, provided that she refused to admit her crime. As for Paul's accusation against her, she could perfectly escape it, by charging him

nk the wine. But Mary had spoken up for him just now. He had to consider Mary's feeling and save her face. She had already upset her mother and quarrelled with her for his sake. So, he had to accept her toast. It's just a small glass of wine. No more than half a glass. A cool wind was enough to dispel the smell of the wine. There was no need to be afraid that Daisy would know about him drinking the wine. Besides, he had seen Mary pour the wine with his own eyes. There was nothing peculiar, and nothing to be afraid of! Just a small amount of the wine, and he could leave.

"Thank you, Edward! You really are doing me an honor! Let me finish my drink first." Mary gulped down her wine while speaking to Edward. Regardless of the fact that wine was usually tasted by sipping, she swallowed the wine in one big gulp, as she was so eager for Edward to finish his drink as soon as possible. She got excited and was elated now. She settled her eyes on Edward and watched him raise the glass to his mouth. Edward looked elegant and charming while doing all this. Mary would be fascinated to him even if she wasn't under the influence of alcohol. She felt a desire for Edward in her body. Edward would be hers after he gulped down his wine. Soon, they would have a happy moment on bed. Their bodies would belong to each other. In spite of her wantonness, Mary still felt flushed when she thought of the fantastic moment with the man she dreamed of.

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