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   Chapter 549 Conspiracy (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7404

Updated: 2018-11-25 03:19

"It's okay. I'm not a vengeful guy. I didn't get mad at Paul. Although he got me really angry, I let him go easily. I just hung him over the center of a crocodile pool. But is it true that Paul is not one of your acquaintances, Mrs. Ouyang?" Edward had an immediate impulse to punch Paul in the face, whenever he thought of the disparity in the price of the necklace. So, it was obvious that Edward's declaration of his not being a vengeful guy was nothing more than a lie! But in the presence of the two women, Edward spoke in a subtle manner. He put it as if it was the most justified fact under the heaven. He was so brazen that he didn't mind at all that the two women sitting here would spot his hypocrisy and feel ashamed of him.

"Who is Paul? I know nothing about him." Yakira replied in a hurry. She could not help but feel nervous now, as she had figured out Edward's intention to test her and get her into revealing something by mistake. So, Yakira thought carefully before giving any answers. As Yakira was engaged in fabricating her flawless answers, she paid no attention to the few sensitive words in Edward's sentence and the real threatening implication behind them. But those words did catch Mary's attention. Mary was, of course, scared of Paul's woeful destiny of being hung over the crocodile pool. It was terrible if it was true. Mary wondered whether it was just one of those Edward's jokes. But in case she offended or cheated him in the future, would Edward treat her in the same manner he treated Paul? Mary was eager to know the answer.

"Oh? You know nothing about Paul? But he told me otherwise. He said he is your cousin, and you two are on good terms. Did Paul lie to me?"

Edward looked with a confused expression. He could not help but feel happy on seeing Yakira panic. In Edward's opinion, psychologically tormenting someone was definitely a better way to torture his foes. Compared to physical pains, it was more agonizing, stressful and unbearable. Even tough people, who were fearless of physical affliction, tended to easily surrender when afflicted with psychological suffering. Edward was a pro in driving his enemies crazy psychologically. He was wondering how long Yakira

nothing to do with us? What a disappointing topic! Let's drink and forget everything unpleasant! A little wine will not get you tipsy. Don't be afraid!" The riddle-like conversation between Edward and Yakira puzzled Mary. She looked visibly upset. So she interrupted in between to divert the topic.

"All right! As Mrs. Ouyang refused to answer my questions, I have to hand Paul over to the police." Edward didn't believe that Yakira would have the luck to escape justice forever. She might not believe it either! But it was indeed difficult for him to bring her to justice at present. Except for one witness, he had no other evidence that would help to prove Yakira guilty. But a witness' testimony was far from enough to convict Yakira. Powerful evidences would be needed. But where could he get the evidence he needed after so many years? As a result, Edward had to resort to other means to manifest Yakira's guilt. But if Yakira insisted on her innocence and refused to confess her crime, even the court could not convict her because of lack of evidences. The evidence was the key! Edward would get mad whenever he thought of his inability to acquire those necessary evidences. He felt so desperate and helpless that he ran out of his patience to test Yakira any further.

"Hmm! That Paul...What crime did he commit? Why will you take him over to the police?" Mary seemed to have grown more confused. The more she heard this conversation, the more she became perplexed.

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