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   Chapter 546 Who Would Have the Last Laugh

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"Ah!" Not only did Leo treat her badly, but a lawyer disrespected her. Yakira lost her temper. She tossed the file on the floor furiously and then stomped on it hard to channel her anger.

"Mom, what's the matter? Why are you so angry?" Hearing Yakira's shouting, Mary rushed downstairs, looking worried.

"It's nothing. Is Brian upstairs?" Yakira didn't want to tell her daughter about her frustration. Leo had made her lose all confidence. She wanted to retain her last bit of dignity.

"No, he might be gone. What's all this about?" Mary asked and bent over to pick up the file.

"Nothing. Give it to me." Yakira tried to get the file back, but Mary seemed to have anticipated her move and quickly took a few steps back, just out of Yakira's reach.

"Mom, this is out of line. Dad just mentioned divorce yesterday, and today he has already signed the papers and had someone deliver it? How can he be such a bully?" Mary said angrily after reading the file.

"A woman is better off marrying someone whom she doesn't love than marrying someone who doesn't love her. I'm a perfect example. And about Edward, you'd better think carefully before you do anything. I don't want you to end up like me and regret everything. It will be too late by then, " Yakira said. Since Mary had seen the file, it would be pointless to keep it from her. She felt obliged to remind Mary of the importance of choices.

"Mom, we're in totally different situations." Although Mary was worried about her parents' divorce, she wanted Edward too much, she wasn't going to give up her plans.

"Don't be too confident. Edward isn't easy to manipulate. Think about Jessica. Didn't you see what happened to her? Do you really think you're smarter than her?" Although Yakira was selfish and wanted to use Mary to get what she wanted, she didn't want something bad to happen to her daughter. She had to help her think clearly. Sound advice often sounds harsh.

"Men change. They all abandon the old for the new. Just wait. Edward will get tired of Daisy one day and I won't miss that opportunity." Mary sounded sure of winning, as if Edward would come to her with the slight move of her little finger.

"Don't underestimate her. She's not the same girl we drove out. She's stronger, more confident." Mary had thought that Daisy would be miserable and live among the dregs of society after she left the house. Unexpectedly, she had b


"What would you like to drink? My treat, " Edward said. Then he frowned at the perfume Mary was wearing. It was too strong. He preferred the jasmine fragrance Daisy usually wore. It was his favorite.

"No. We agreed that it was our treat, " Yakira said. Sexy World was a fancy place and its customers were all upper-class. However, Yakira felt uncomfortable there. As a senior, clubs didn't suit her. Besides, she was conspiring against Edward, so right now she had a guilty conscience like a thief.

"It's okay. It won't cost much. And you are a senior. I can't let you pay, " Edward said calmly. He had been polite the whole night. He used to be very aggressive every time he was around Yakira and Mary.

"Mr. Mu, you are too polite. Okay, since you are familiar with this place, I'd like you to order for me." Yakira didn't say that out of courtesy. It was her first time to be in a club. She was clueless.

"No problem. What about you, Miss Ouyang?" Edward asked. He sounded formal and indifferent. Tonight his target was Yakira, so he didn't want to waste time on Mary. Yet he had to put on a performance, in case Yakira saw through him.

"I trust your taste, Edward. Call me Mary. I am not used to you calling me Miss Ouyang. It sounds weird, " Mary said, pouting. She didn't like Edward's indifference to her.

"It's just a form of address. There's no need to take it seriously, " Edward said with a smile. Things had just gotten started, he had to maintain his friendly attitude. Yakira was much smarter than Mary. His whole plan would be finished if Yakira sensed something was amiss..

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