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   Chapter 545 Celebration Of Their Love (Part Two)

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Edward pressed his lips against her flawless skin, trailing heated kisses all over her body in his wake. He indulged himself in her sweet taste, leading her into the wave of sizzling lust with endless tenderness. At this moment, the night was drunk as well.

Her beautiful face seduced him, and he alone was enough. Therefore, she was not afraid to show him all of her charm and attractiveness. She had fallen for him, hard, she was already past the point of no return.

The night was young, and the lust was building, charming and intoxicating. In this quiet night, their desires intertwined, making the lovey-dovey couple fall deeper in love with each other. They gave themselves to each other with no reserve. And during the endless celebration of the love between the two along with their sweet love-making, the moon hid coyly behind the clouds, too bashful to face the most primal activity of the couple.

Usually, a brand new day always meant a fresh beginning and new hopes coming. But for Yakira, it was an embodiment of disaster, because Leo was serious about divorcing her. It was not a spur of the moment decision. It had only been several days, but Leo had already had the lawyer draw up the divorce papers. What's worse, he didn't even show up, he just had the lawyer hand the papers to her in haste.

"Where's Leo? Why didn't he give them to me himself? Is he really that embarrassed to face me?" Yakira didn't spare a look at the divorce papers, she just aggressively bombed the lawyer of Ouyang Foreign Trade with a series of questions.

"Mrs. Ouyang, the president said that he would not be present before you sign the divorce papers. So I highly recommend that you sign as quickly as pos

these threatening words.

"Mrs. Ouyang, don't forget that apart from the job in Ouyang Foreign Trade, I still have my own law office. So I don't solely count on Ouyang Foreign Trade to make a living. I'm just doing the job of a counselor for the company. Losing this client won't be a problem for me." The lawyer calmly laid it all out, not even paying attention to Yakira's threats. After all, he was a hot-blooded young man, how could he be so easily hurt by others?

"Huh! Big talk. But no matter what you say, there's not a chance in hell for me to sign these today. So get out of here with your papers! You're annoying me." The lawyer's calm reply made Yakira suddenly feel so humiliated that she shouted at him, image be damned.

"I will leave the divorce papers with you. Whether you decide to sign them or not, it's between you and Mr. Ouyang. I won't bother you again." After he said this, the lawyer picked up his briefcase and quickly trotted out of Ouyang's house. He was afraid that if he stayed a little longer, he would be unable to restrain himself and explode. That would make the situation too complicated to handle.

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