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   Chapter 544 Celebration Of Their Love (Part One)

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"I'm not doubting you, I'm just being honest." Daisy clenched her hands into tight fists and put them above her head, hoping to put some distance between them. Because of Edward;s dangerous gaze, she felt a chill running down her spine.

"The fact is, I'm going to kiss you..." Edward said slowly, putting emphasis on each word, and before finishing his words he hurriedly put his thin lips right on her mouth and kissed her fervently, passionately. His slender hands reached under her pajamas, gently touching and caressing everywhere. It seemed that he was yearning for her to melt into him.

"Umm..." Compelled to respond to his passion, and with the words she wanted to say swallowed by his intense kiss, she couldn't help but unclench her tight fists and snaked her arms around his firm waist, pulling herself closer to him.

All his thoughts were lost in the sweep of his tongue against her lips. Their passionate love was like a cup of sweet milk tea, stirring the most primal desire in his abdomen. Both of them were lost in the heat, feeling the thirst from the deepest part of their hearts.

With the expression of their love, a simple kiss was not enough to resolve the broiling sexual tension between the two. Edward's lips explored, moving to kiss her neck.

"Wait..." After what seemed to be an eternity Daisy finally found her voice again, but her sultry tone was not that convincing.

"Um! How do you expect me to wait?" Edward caught her earlobe between his teeth with a smirk and nibbled at it. His heavy breath ghosted against the shell of her ear, hitting her most sensitive nerves, making her shiver involuntarily. She lowered her gaze to avoid looking into his lustful eyes.

"Your body... is not healthy enough for this." Daisy was leaning bonelessly into his arms, breathing heavily. But she did not forget to remind him of this problem that couldn't be ignored.

"So you also think that our previous act

an. When faced with a man who was as pretty as a beautiful woman, it was indeed the right word.

"Nonsense! I don't like being on top, " Daisy retorted quickly, but didn't realize that her words would be her undoing. Edward gave her a flirtatious grin and said, "So you mean that you enjoy being underneath me." Edward's smiling eyes twinkled. No doubt that he was seducing her, but he was just teasing her relentlessly, not in a hurry to eat her up. He was like a sly cat, and she was his prey. A cat always loved to play with its catch before starting the meal.

"I..." Daisy was at a loss for words, and Edward didn't allow her another chance to speak. He leaned to press their lips together, taking the words right from her mouth. Dragging his tongue through her mouth, he easily gained entry into it. Their tongues dancing, it was a start of a wonderful journey.

Her clothes were stripped off piece by piece. Daisy gradually lost her mind in Edward's feverish kisses. She couldn't think of anything else, only the fascinating man in front of her eyes. She was willing to show him all of her passion and ready to give him her everything. So when he turned them over and laid on top of her, she was already boneless and unable to resist, submitting to his almost tyrannical assault.

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