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   Chapter 543 Beautiful Woman (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7194

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Luke remained silent. He seldom talked at the table. As he had been an orphan since he was young, Luke suffered coldness and hunger. It was a very fortunate thing that someone would extend a helping hand and offer him some warm food. He couldn't ask for more. Therefore, any food prepared by Cynthia he would finish it with a grateful heart. Although the food did not agree with his stomach and usually caused him loose bowels for some time afterwards, he never complained. For him, the food carefully prepared by Cynthia was a rare treat in the world and was simply precious. Right now, he heard them teasing each other but didn't say anything. He just looked at them with a gentle smile, enjoyed the good ambience at the table, and appreciated the love and warmth he had felt.

Daisy gently gazed at her precious family. Each one of them meant so much to her. The look on her face said it all: at this very moment, the cold female colonel was grateful for everything she had in her life: the caring family, an adorable son and a perfect husband. Daisy was intoxicated with her own thoughts. She felt so blessed.

The night was long, and the moon had generously shed its light all around. A beautiful woman bathed herself in the moonlight. Her fragrance seemed so close and yet her look seemed distant. Her lips were like the finest rare ruby and her hair was like the most expensive ebony satin. Her beauty easily took Edward's breath away. His breath caught in his throat. He fondly gazed at her as he was powerless against the burning desire within him.

"How's it going?" He quietly approached her and laid his eyes on her beautiful neck. He wickedly curled his lips as he secretly sniffed her fragrance, the unique flowery smell from her shampoo.

"Fine! You done with the chess game?" Daisy raised her head and looked at him curiously. After dinner, Jonathan proposed that he would like to play chess with his son. This indeed surprised everyone as usually he would go straight to Cynthia and hang out with her alone. Everyone knew how important the sweet time he spent with his beloved wife meant to him. Now he actually suggested spending hi

so much right now.

"What about my excuse? I think it's a good one! What did you expect? We end up in a big fight over trivial things like that?" She was giving him the cold shoulder for no reason. Edward's face turned darker. He was so innocent but she dared to accuse him of doing something he didn't do! He never intended to argue with his father. However, according to her, he was the bad one here and should be blamed. It made Edward pretty sad that his beloved wife actually saw him as a trouble maker.

"You are still quite vulnerable at the moment. I don't think you are a match for your father. He might be old, but he is definitely a tough guy." His back talk made Daisy laugh. Greatly amused by his words, she deliberately mocked him. Then she bent down and picked up the clothes he had thrown randomly to the ground. It seemed that this nasty habit of his was really difficult to get rid of. As the saying went, "A leopard cannot change its spots." Edward was quite spoiled and she might need more time to correct his habits. What a big task life had given her!

"Woman, are you doubting me now?" With these words, Edward moved to her and embraced her tightly from behind. Daisy was not a small woman but still he captured her easily in his strong arms. His burning gaze roamed over her tender and juicy lips. Time seemed still as his look got steamier and they both knew that something romantic was about to happen.

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