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   Chapter 542 Beautiful Woman (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7375

Updated: 2018-11-24 00:45

Daisy enjoyed her weekend a lot. She had tons of spare time, and she could finally spend more time with her family members. She would always take some time and cook something delicious for her beloved family. Her home-made food was both hearty and tasty, and today was no exception. As soon as Edward stepped into the house, he smelled something amazing in the air. It boosted his appetite in no time.

"Hey you, we were just about to call you! Where have you been? We were looking for your everywhere! Come on then! Time for dinner! Where is Lukie?" Cynthia called out to Edward the moment she spotted him. She smiled warmly at him as she earnestly pushed him towards the dining table.

"Maybe still outside, parking the car? He'll be here in no time." Edward curled his lips. Lukie? What a childish nickname his mother had used for Luke! Edward found it absurd to call a tall and handsome young man like Luke such silly name! However, he did understand that his mother only used this name to show how much she cared about Luke. So he didn't really tell her how he felt. That would be cruel. Instead, he only laughed hard in his heart.

"Daddy, why were you out playing again?" Justin really loved to stick around Edward as his father was seldom home. Recently Edward spent more time at home, therefore Justin took great advantage of the situation and spent as much time as possible with his father. It was a rare treat for Justin to have Edward's companionship as usually he was always busy at work. Justin cherished every second spent with his father.

Edward laughed and said, "I had some work to finish up. Now come on, let's wash our hands and get some dinner." Edward bent down and cradled Justin in his strong arms. Thanks to all the rehab and rest that he had, Edward was now fit enough to lift his son with little effort. The reason he recovered so soon from his injury was because of the medicine Tom created himself, and used on Edward. The meds had an immediate effect and worked like a charm. Edward took Tom's effort for granted and did not show much appreciation, which distressed Dr. Qin a little bit. However, such distress was easily alleviated by a big fat check from Edward. Tom acce

rd could not encourage his mother's further attempts on more food creation. Before Justin could say anything, Edward jumped into the conversation and tabled the topic. He was afraid that if he didn't speak out loud first, Justin might even convince Cynthia into more daring endeavors. After all, he hated to be the guinea pig for her creations!

"I agree with Edward fully." Jonathan nodded his head sternly to show his support as well. It was quite rare for him to agree with his son. However, as he had been "poisoned" by his wife numerous times before, he knew what was the right thing to say now to avoid future tragedy. Just like Edward, Jonathan didn't want to be the poor victim of some food poisoning crime.

"Was my cooking this scary? How come both of you are acting like cowards?" Justin was confused at their reaction. Their universal decision on forbidding grandma making more dishes made him wonder whether he should insist on his original proposal. It seemed that he needed to give it a second thought. As a kid who loved delicious food, nothing was more important to him than his own health. As long as he had a healthy body, he was able to enjoy the pleasure of devouring gourmet delicacies.

"Just eat your food! Stop talking already!" Edward gave him a warning look and then quickly placed a big chunk of meat onto his plate to make sure he didn't talk anymore and ruin their plan. Justin with his big mouth might cause them big trouble later on.

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