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   Chapter 541 Lost Home

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 10017

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"Yes, Mr. Mu. I understand." The corner of Luke's mouth twitched. A rare smile appeared across his stern face. Even though it disappeared in an instant, it was already a miracle for it to happen. He was usually so reserved that he wouldn't even say unnecessary words. Witnessing him smile was quite a luxury.

Having confirmed the origin of the necklace, Edward didn't need to stay any longer and quickly returned downtown. Since he now knew everything that he needed to know, the next step would be to come up with a plan to bring Yakira to justice.

"Luke, are there any developments on Yakira's side?" Edward leaned back against his seat lazily, like a resting leopard waiting to pounce.

He looked attractive and charming with his handsome and sly appearance.

"Mr. Mu, according to reliable sources, Leo is trying to divorce her. We haven't found out exactly why." While driving the car, Luke turned his head to glance at Edward. He had long gotten used to his roguish young master but despite being a man, his heart still couldn't help skipping a few beats whenever he saw Edward like this.

"Oh! Is that so? Could it be that Leo has discovered something already? I wonder how different his findings are from what we have." Edward stared at the traffic outside. Faint sarcasm slowly appeared in his smile like a poppy flower that no one would discard.

"I heard from the people working for them that Leo went straight to the Judicial Expertise Center after his dinner with Mrs. Mu. It's not certain if these two events are related." Luke spoke calmly. He never sent anyone to tail Daisy. He only had his people watch the actions of the Ouyang family. It was only a coincidence that he learned that Daisy had a meal with Leo.

"Yes, I know. Daisy mentioned meeting with Leo when she came back the other day. But I didn't realize Leo's true purpose. What I want to know is how he was able to acquire a sample from my wife." Edward found it interesting that Leo never believed the documents he provided him. What happened this time? What made him so interested in seeking the answer himself? The question puzzled Edward.

"I'm not sure, since we didn't get near them at that time. Are we heading home right now?" Luke frowned. He was worried that Daisy would discover that his people were following Leo. When he learned that Leo was meeting her, Luke didn't approach any closer and only observed from afar.

"Yes, let's head back. I already made up an excuse earlier today. It wouldn't be good to go home late." It was already late in the afternoon. When Edward got back from the amusement park, he immediately took a shower and left with Luke. It was about time that he went home for dinner. If he was still living alone like before, his cold home would be the last place he'd want to return to. But everything was different now. Edward's precious family was waiting for him.

"Mr. Mu, are you going to tell Mrs. Mu about this?" Luke pursed his lips. Although the elders always rei

easily. It seemed that Yakira had indeed lied to him. She contacted Grace behind his back.

As Leo read on, his face turned paler and paler. According to the materials that he had gone through, not only had Yakira contacted Grace, but she also intentionally provoked her on many occasions. Leo always thought that he had hidden everything well, that she never knew that he had another woman outside his marriage. He didn't expect her to have found out everything. How could she have endured this? She always appeared so unaffected around him. Did she not care because she didn't love him? Or was she trying to keep their shaky marriage for the sake of giving their daughter a whole family? When Daisy was kicked out by Yakira in the end, he didn't even bat an eye or try to stop her.

But this was not enough to break Leo's heart. Apparently, when Grace saw him in bed with Yakira, it was all according to Yakira's plan. The car accident was all because of her. Leo started trembling at the realization. Ultimately, Grace's death was not some random accident. He had indirectly caused it as well. The truth immediately turned Leo into a frail old man. He was utterly devastated.

He turned page after page. As the man had said, there was not much to be found, but it was enough to open Leo's eyes to Yakira's evil machinations. One of the documents was a DNA report, but it was no longer important to him because he had already verified it himself. Because of this, his heart sank even deeper.

Leo used to think that divorcing Yakira was a little too harsh for her. But right now, even ten divorces couldn't diminish the hatred he felt for her. Yakira should be glad that she was not here with him, or he would have choked her to death with his bare hands.

Leo slowly put away the scattered papers. He wasn't prepared for so much shock within one day. The DNA report had already angered him, and these documents pushed him further into an endless darkness, consuming him almost entirely.

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