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   Chapter 540 Lose All Reputation (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5426

Updated: 2018-11-24 00:31

"As long as you capture Edward's heart, you will never be short of money through your whole life." Yakira wiped away her tears. 'Leo, you such a heartless jerk. You drove me to this. Since you think you can divorce me for that bitch, then don't blame me for destroying her. I look forward to see how you are going to stay cool when your beloved daughter is on the brink of breaking down. Let's see who is going to win.' Yakira thought to herself.

"Mother, don't worry. I won't let you down as long as you can help me." Whenever it came to Edward, Mary forgot all her concerns and couldn't help giggling. No matter how strong Daisy became, there's no way she could take on Mary. Mary would steal her husband, the same as stealing her father. After all, Mary learned all her tactics

From Yakira, the mistress of manipulation.

But Edward totally had no idea that he was an attractive piece of meat coveted by someone. That was the last thing he could have on his mind, for right now he stared at the man in front of him with a disgusted look on his face.

"So you are Paul Du?" Edward sat there with such regal dignity, like a king sitting on his throne. He was born with a commanding presence which made people want to worship him.

"Yes, I am. Why am I here? Who are you? And what is all this about?" Paul looked upset and slouched over with a pale face.

"You know what you did." Edward squinted at him. He always kept in mind being nice to others and tried to avoid sounding arrogant when talking to someone beneath him. But as for Paul, such a bastard didn't deserve to be treated nicely. So Edward just did wha

d pretty fancy, he didn't expect it could be an antique. Besides, Yakira wasn't generous enough to give him such a priceless treasure.

"What did you just say? 50, 000? Shit." Even though Edward tried to be courtly, he could no longer hold back his rage. The necklace which cost him 100 million was only pawned for 50, 000. How could he stay cool after finding that out?

"Right. The price is reasonable! Think of it, 50, 000 for an out-of-fashion necklace!" Paul said as he couldn't sense how furious Edward was now. He explained it further to Edward.

"Luke, take care of this guy. I don't want anybody to think that I am easy to deal with. You feel me?" Paul should not have tried to explain anything. It wouldn't do him any good and only added fuel to the flames. Edward got furious with him and told Luke to take care of him. Luke was his man and certainly understood what Edward meant -- teaching Paul a lesson. That was typical of Edward, He'd never curse you right to your face, but would certainly never let up when he wanted to teach you not to mess with the best.

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