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   Chapter 539 Lose All Reputation (Part One)

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"Brutal and reckless as always, sis. You think you can slap me and get away with it? Not today." With a mocking smile, Brian grabbed one of her hands that she was trying to slap him with.

"Why? Why don't you feel sorry for your mother at all? Why are you so heartless to her? How can you just sit back and let Dad divorce her? Who do you think you are?" Pulling her hand away. Mary bombarded her brother with accusations. She didn't know why could he be so cold to his flesh and blood.

"Why should I help her? Did she do something for me that I should appreciate? She's the one who got herself into this. There's nothing I can do."

Brian looked at his mother as she slumped on the floor. Every word he just said was so merciless to Yakira that she couldn't help bursting into a rage. She jumped to her feet and raised her hand to slap Brian across his face, no longer caring about how Leo would think of her. But this time, Brian stood still and received the slap without escaping.

"Hahaha, look what a lovely boy I have! Now that you want to side with outsiders. I am not your mother anymore." Yakira thought Brian would dodge, or at least grab her wrist to stop her. She was surprised to see Brian stand still and take it without a word. It made her heart ache to see Brian was so determined to deny her. From now on, Yakira became a stranger who Brian had nothing to do with. Thinking of that, her face was convulsed with grief and she stepped back.

Brian chewed his lower lip and walked upstairs silently. He responded to the mess as if he had nothing to do with it at all. But his swollen face pro

s about Ouyang Foreign Trade as her husband owns the FX International Group? That's a stupid assertion. So stop finding excuses for yourself and blaming someone else for what you did. I am divorcing you anyway! End of discussion! Take care!" Leo was done with the mess, He began to walk out in case Yakira should harass him again.

"Leo, you're such a heartless man! You must have a mistress! I know it! That's why you threaten me with this report to get a divorce. You saw everything I did. How could you accuse me of being devious? You can't hold me responsible for what happened! You're such a loser!"

Yakira shouted at Leo, but he left without looking back. What Leo wanted now was to leave this house full of bad memories.

"Mother, what do we do? It seems that father is determined to divorce you. What if he takes all our money away from us? How could we support ourselves? Let me make everything clear first. I don't want to be poor again!" Mary pouted. The first thing coming to her was not how to comfort her mother, but how to sustain her luxury lifestyle.

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