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   Chapter 538 I Want A Divorce (Part Two)

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Leo seized Yakira by the throat, with anger in his eyes. She had deceived him for years. He raised her daughter Mary as his own and drove his biological daughter Daisy out. Daisy lived as a drifter, and he became a cruel father. Yakira had to be responsible for this!

"Dad, what are you doing? Let go of mom! You'll kill her!" Mary opened her eyes wide, anxiously trying to loosen Leo's hand. She had no idea what was going on. They used to be on friendly terms with each other, but recently, Leo was hostile to Yakira, making the atmosphere foul. Mary had never seen Leo be so indifferent in the past. In her eyes, he had always been gentle and cultivated. When did he begin to get angry so easily?

"I won't kill her. I don't want my hands stained with her blood. Yakira, take a careful look at this!"

Leo flung Yakira to the ground and slammed a piece of paper straight onto her face, covering her fearful look.

"What's this?" After reading the paper, Yakira looked green around the gills. Her lips trembled, and she could no longer say anything to defend herself. There was a look of horror on her face.

"Let me see what it is." Mary took away the paper from Yakira's trembling hand and read it eagerly. She didn't expect it to be a DNA test report. When she wondered why Leo did this test, she saw the subjects were Daisy and Leo, which greatly shocked her. The similarity of 99.99% threw her into a panic.

"Have you seen the test results? Tell me. Why did you turn me into a laughing stock? Why? Tell me!" Leo talked down to them in anger. Now he also hated Mary because she used to treat Daisy with great cruelty in the past. He thought that Daisy was not his own daughter, so he turned a blind eye to what Yakira and Mary did. However, since he knew the tr

in the past, so Leo and Yakira couldn't get a divorce.

"Sorry, I don't want to get involved in your vicious plot. If you hadn't treated Daisy brutally in the first place, we could have been a happy family. You asked for it. You can't blame anyone else, "

Brian sneered. He knew how heartless his mother was. Years ago, Daisy was a weak little girl. To satisfy her selfish desires, Yakira treated her maliciously and even kicked her out of the house. With her as his mother, he felt too ashamed to face Daisy.

Therefore, even though Yakira was in hot water now, Brian wouldn't lend a helping hand. It was not because he wasn't loyal to his family, but because he couldn't accept that his mother was such a vicious person that she even faked a DNA test report. More incredibly, his father even believed her lie so easily and didn't throw doubt upon the test report until more than twenty years later. Was his father too stupid? Or was his mother too evil?

"Pah! You're so naive Brian! It's not as simple as you think. Don't you know who your mother is? Do you think that you can keep out of this?" Mary raised her hand with anger, trying to slap Brian hard across the face.

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