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   Chapter 537 I Want A Divorce (Part One)

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"Mommy, please don't! I'm bored without a computer. How about this? I promise I won't go to any websites that I am not supposed to. Don't take away my computer, please." After Daisy leveled her punishment, Justin looked at her with beseeching eyes. Then he turned to his dad to seek help from him.

"Don't look at me. As you can see, I also have to obey your mom's orders." Edward leaned back on the seat lazily and smiled playfully. With the cool air, the car was no longer sweltering. Edward felt pleasantly cool, but he was still upset because Daisy didn't allow him to drink ice water.

"I knew I couldn't count on you! Darn it!" Justin looked sad, but soon he let out a sly smile. A good idea occurred to him. Although his mom took away his own computer, there were other computers at home.

"You can't use other computers at home either. I'll password protect those." Daisy knew what Justin was thinking and nipped his hope in the bud.

Edward looked at Daisy with amazement. His son was a computer expert. He could even break through complicated firewalls. How could simple passwords stop him? Edward had a sudden fear. Justin hacked into his computer once at his company. Did Daisy have no idea how much Justin knew about computers? It was weird. Edward just spent a couple of months with him, but he got to know Justin through and through. Daisy had been taking care of Justin since he was born, but she was absolutely ignorant of what Justin could do.

"Fine. I won't use the computers at home, " Justin promised. Then he turned to Edward with a big smile, "Daddy, when will you go back to work?" Breaking into computers was a piece of cake for Justin, but he didn't want to annoy his mom. Since his mom didn't allow him to play on the computers at home, he would do as she said. However, she didn't say that he couldn't use the co

ard for her place in this family, so the first thing to do was to please Leo.

"Well, my phone ran out of juice, " Leo answered in an expressionless tone. He felt revulsion for Mary. In fact, the battery didn't wear out. He turned off his phone, so that he could have more time to figure out his thoughts. He didn't turn on his phone until he called Daisy just now. Before he could say even a few words, she hung up coldly. What he did in the past bitterly disappointed Daisy, so Daisy gave him the cold shoulder. He was seized with remorse for this.

"Did your phone really run out of power? What really happened is you found a beautiful woman to satisfy your lusts, so you turned off your phone and we wouldn't disturb you." Yakira slowly walked down the stairs in dismay. She was given to using bitter sarcasm. It was difficult to imagine she was a pitiful woman.

"Yakira, I wanted to solve the problems in a civilized way, but I didn't think that you would be so eager to start a fight. Then let's be frank and put our cards on the table. Truth be told, I couldn't exhaust my hatred for you even if you died a hundred times, but you deliberately provoke me again and again. Don't you feel guilty for what you have done?"

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