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   Chapter 536 A Day at the Amusement Park

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Leo didn't rush home to confront Yakira right after he got the DNA test results. He came to the graveyard. Standing in front of Grace's tombstone, looking at her smiling face in the picture, he was enveloped by agony. He realized that his past was full of mistakes. He tried not to think about it, but it was useless. He felt trapped.

He stroked the face in the picture that he was so familiar with, leaned against the stone, and fell onto the ground. The pain was too much to bear. He seemed to have aged a hundred years all of a sudden. And he felt so alone.

He forced a sad smile and thought that he was the biggest failure in the world. He had doubted his own daughter and treated her badly just because of an unsubstantiated test report. How could he be such an asshole?

Grace's face was still so young, so beautiful. The smile remained captivating. But they were now so far apart. He would never be able to touch that face, see that smile, or hug her again.

"I'm so sorry, " Leo said to the tombstone. He knew he owed Daisy an apology too. But he had made too many mistakes in his life and had hurt her deeply. He couldn't just say sorry and expect her to forgive him. He had to earn it. Now that he knew Daisy was his biological daughter, no matter how much she hated him, he had to try to make up for everything.

On the other hand, how was he supposed to deal with Yakira? To kick her out of the house? Or let her stay and torture her? Yet neither of the two ways could properly vent his hatred.

However, Leo didn't know that something more agonizing was brewing. The truth would bury his happiness for the rest of his life and make him live in remorse forever.

It was a fine day. On the day full of love, even the air was sweet. That was how Daisy was feeling -- happy. Nothing even approaching what Leo was experiencing.

"Mommy, I want to ride that, " Justin said excitedly, pointing at the busy mega drop tower not far from where they were standing. He couldn't wait to have a ride.

"No, it's too dangerous." Daisy frowned. Other kids chose mild rides, but Justin liked the exciting ones. The pendulum swing he had just tried had almost scared the life out of her. She couldn't let him try this one, no matter what. Her heart would burst from her chest if she rode it with him.

"Daddy, I want to have a ride." Sensing his charm wouldn't work on his mom, Justin turned to his dad. His face had turned redder in the sun.

"Well-" Edward took off his sunglasses and looked at Daisy, afraid to say yes, because Daisy was gazing at him, as if she was sending him a warning with her eyes, which said if he agreed to let Justin try on that ride, he should prepare himself for any subsequent punishment.

"Mommy, just say yes, " Seeing his dad's reaction, Justin turned to his mom again and pleaded. He realized that his mom was the head of his family after all.

"I said no. The rules sp

of bottled water in the freezer. Why did you have to take mine?" Edward sighed and reached for another bottle in the freezer, but Daisy took it away too.

"Drink this." Sensing Edward was going to get mad, Daisy smiled and handed him a bottle of cold water.

"I want ice water." They came here in a camper. There was everything in it. Otherwise, Edward would have thought Daisy was trying to make him die of thirst.

"You are still recovering. Ice water does you no good. You should pay more attention to your diet to help you heal, " Daisy said as she opened the bottle for him, avoiding the angry light in his eyes.

"Believe me. Right now I'm strong enough to eat you up, " Edward said and didn't mind Justin's presence at all.

"Should I excuse myself?" Justin asked, blinking. A sly smile appeared in his big eyes when he found that his dad was so angry but he couldn't do anything about his mom.

"What do you think, kiddo?" Every time they were together, Edward was amused and angered at the same time. He started to feel that Daisy and Justin meant to make him angry, that they teamed up on him on purpose. But he couldn't just ignore them like he had ignored the others.

"The RV is big enough, but daddy, don't you think this is a bad place for you to do it with mom? You should find somewhere quiet and secluded. Not in public. It's bad for both your reps, " Justin said earnestly, as if he knew a lot about sex.

"Justin, no computer for you from now on!" Daisy said seriously. She felt awful. How could a kid say something like that? Should she blame society? Had she failed as a parent? She always knew that Justin was smarter than other kids, but she couldn't allow him to learn about things beyond his age. In a word, she thought it was a problem caused by the Internet which was developing faster than ever. Therefore, Daisy decided to take away his computer until he could realize exactly what he had done wrong.

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