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   Chapter 535 The Shocking DNA Result (Part Two)

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"Are you sure you were cheering me on, not adding insult to injury?" Edward rolled his eyes. He always saw through this woman.

"Oops, you noticed that? I'm sorry, I'll be more subtle next time." Daisy pulled him up to his feet. A sly smile flashed in her eyes, though she dared not be too obvious about it. Her husband might get agitated and seize the opportunity to have a tantrum. In her eyes, men were even more unreasonable than women.

"Next time? How dare you! Alright, I'll forgive you this time in the spirit of generosity. But I feel so unwanted and unloved, and I have to lick my wounds alone." Oops. Men were indeed more unreasonable than women, and Edward Mu was especially so. He started whining already. Daisy didn't even know what was worth all this drama, but she knew better than make things worse. No one said anything yet, but Edward had already started playing the victim.

In response, Daisy tightened her grasp around his wrist. The expression on her face was still calm and cold, revealing no sign of her actual feelings. But Edward had been with her for a long time, he knew that she was giving him a warning.

"What now, old man? Just admit it already, you're but an old and grumpy grandpa." Compared to Daisy, Cynthia was much gentler in character. Although she was complaining to her husband, her tone remained elegant and soft. She had the gift of expressing any emotion in a flirtatious manner.

"I didn't lose anything! I was being kind by letting the brat win. Do you really think there's any competition I couldn't win? Didn't you see how he was crawling and panting like a dog? He was exhausted from physical exertion, but

ive himself. It was clear that everything was his fault, and he was the only one to blame. He was stupid for questioning his beloved woman, just because someone defamed her and set her up.

Leo always thought that he had been in love with Grace, but he finally realized today that he didn't deserve to love her. He was a stupid and filthy man, just as Yakira said. His love for Grace was superficial and pretentious. He never placed a sliver of trust on her, so he didn't trust her loyalty. Driven by jealousy and doubt, he even sent their daughter away on nothing but Yakira's words. He thought that Daisy was the result of Grace's extramarital affair, but it turned out that she wasn't. She was their child, his child...

Daisy, his good daughter, whom he had never loved. Now, fate slapped him with the fact that he had always treated her horribly. It tore his heart apart. How could he possibly make it up to her? How could he have her forgive him, despite how cruelly he had pushed her away? He was haunted by remorse. As the sentiment took roots in his heart, it started to grow out of his control.

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