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   Chapter 534 The Shocking DNA Result (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5958

Updated: 2018-11-23 00:31

"Are you sure you did it on purpose? It seemed like you had to stop because of the exhaustion." Edward flashed a condescending smile as he fought the urge to cry. It was the first time his father gave in to him and let him win a competition. He had never expected the feeling of being loved and indulged to be so warm and satisfying. His heart softened.

"Nonsense. No matter how exhausted I am, I can't lose to an injured man, " Jonathan retorted as he stopped to take a rest. He always felt like he owed his son a lot for the past many years. He had never pampered him, or been a loving father towards him. Today, he wasn't just letting his son win, he was also trying to be a good father. He owed it to his son.

"You're lying, old man. I outplayed you, " Edward panted as he took a seat on the bench beside Jonathan, beads of sweat rolling down his handsome face and dropping onto the ground.

"I'm sorry, son, " Jonathan said all of a sudden. His apology came out of the blue, but Edward knew what he meant. Both of them fell silent as an awkward atmosphere surrounded them. If this had happened before he got shot, Edward would have brushed it aside as nothing. But he couldn't do that now. He had learned about Jonathan's blood donation, and was touched by his father's actions.

Knowing what his father wanted to hear, he replied, "It's okay. I'm used to it." Men never held a grudge. No matter how much misunderstanding they had had in the past, they would let it go if the right time came. In the past, Edward thought that he would never forgive his father. But his heart softened in line with recent events. But even then, he couldn't put aside everything in the past so quickly, as true forgiveness was not something that could be achieved overnight. But he believed


"Okay. Your mother is the coolest person in the world, as well as the greatest member in our family. We admit it. Are you happy, brat?" Edward was displeased to hear Kevin's name. He wondered if Daisy had done what he told her to and had settled things between them.

"Oh, I see. We have ourselves a hater. Of course, I'm the coolest person in your son's eyes. Are you unhappy with it?" Daisy walked slowly towards them from her spot nearby. Although she had a smile on her face, she pretended to be angry. She studied Edward's face as she put the cup filled with water into his hands.

"Of course not! Even if I don't usually support anyone, I would still support you, Colonel Ouyang. But what about you? I'm sweating blood to win a competition, while you're enjoying your breakfast. Are you starting to ignore me already? Wow, that hurts." Edward drank the water in a gulp. He laid his eyes on Daisy as he whined and feigned anger.

"I'm sure you've heard of the saying, 'Bread is the foundation of life.' You can't expect me to cheer you on while I'm hungry, " Daisy said, averting her eyes. She had to be careful with her words, or her husband would be unhappy again.

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