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   Chapter 533 I Don't Think So

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9631

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"So that's what you really think. Since she was so good, why did you betray her and choose to be with me in the first place? Maybe the truth is you didn't love her as much as you think, " Yakira sneered in self-mockery. In Leo's heart, she couldn't hold a candle to Grace? But at least for all these years, it was her that was with him, not Grace.

"Yakira, you're asking for trouble. I would have never cast a second glance at you if you hadn't seduced me, " Leo answered coldly. Betraying Grace was a wound that he never wanted to reopen. Maybe it was just like what Yakira had said -- he didn't love Grace as much as he thought, or he wouldn't have fallen for Yakira's trickery and betrayed Grace.

"You..." She loved, but was not loved -- that was the sharpest pain for any woman and that's the story of Yakira. As heart-broken as Yakira was, Leo added even crueler words. Now her heart was torn into pieces.

"Dad, how can you say that? No matter what she did in the past, she's loved you with all her heart and soul for all these years." Mary held Yakira tightly, her eyes full of ill will for Leo.

"With all her heart and soul? I don't think so, " Leo sneered. He threw a glare at Yakira, then walked out of the room resolutely as if he could leave Yakira forever without the slightest bit of regret. There was no affection left between them in that moment.

"Mom, are you okay?" Mary asked with a caring tone after she carried Yakira to the bedside. Now she knew that her own place in the family was threatened, as well as that of her mother.

"I'm alright. Just leave me alone. I need some time to myself, " Yakira answered. She looked so weak and fragile, like a fallen leaf waiting to be swept away with a gust of wind.

The night was tranquil, but in that house their thoughts were stormy. All of them felt they'd been through a lot, and their thoughts were still roiling in their heads. Everything looked gloomy and chaotic, and the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel could not be seen.

As the morning sunshine penetrated the dark night, people woke up from their dreams. Daisy opened her beautiful eyes, her long eyelashes flapping. After a long while, her eyes finally adapted to the bright sunlight. Today being a weekend, she slept late.

She stretched her limbs and turned around, hopeful of seeing Edward sound asleep, yet nothing. The fact that Edward was not by her side quite surprised her. She wondered when Edward got up and why she didn't notice. Were her senses less sharp now? Or did it show that Edward was even more agile than her senses could detect, that he could sneak out without her notice?

Her brows knitted, Daisy felt a sinking feeling, waking up and not seeing Edward around for the first time. She was used to opening up her eyes and looking at Edward sleeping like a log; she was used to his kiss in the morning. Now w

rs all sat or stood aside.

"No, I'm good. You should eat them now. Or they won't taste so good when they get cold." Cynthia looked at Daisy's outfit. She looked more approachable without the military uniform.

"So do you give up?" Jonathan looked at Edward beside him and asked provocatively. No matter how young he looked, he had aged after all. That was why he sounded breathless now.

"Why would I quit? You're still in the game. Of course I won't give up, " Edward said, his teeth grinding bitterly. He would have already defeated Jonathan if he had been completely recovered. But he was still injured. So now they were stuck in this stalemate. Hares may pull dead lions by the beard.

"Son, wouldn't it be too much for your recovering body?" Jonathan asked while complaining deep down, 'why can't he just think of me and give up? I'm not young anymore. There are so many people around. He could just quit to save my face. If I were younger, I would be running far ahead of him and win the race. This way we wouldn't be stuck in such a dilemma.'

"Don't worry about me. I'm okay. Just tell me, you give up or do we keep racing?" Edward frowned and cast a look at Daisy. She was being inconsiderate. He could barely walk anymore, let alone run. But Daisy just sat there and ate her breakfast. Was she enjoying watching him making a fool of himself?

"Huh. Indeed, like father, like son. But being stubborn is no good thing. Alright, I will be the big man and quit first, just to save your face. After all, I'm your father. So I give in, " Jonathan said, presenting himself as a fine gentleman. But the truth was that he couldn't hold on any more. He was almost dehydrated. He needed water. You could hear it in his voice, along with the labored breathing. After all, sweat came from the water in his body. For the past two hours, he didn't even drink a little bit of water. His mouth was already parched.

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