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   Chapter 532 Fight Between The Parents

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Yet Lewis Yi wasn't the only one feeling weak in legs. Upon hearing the audio recording on the phone, Yakira was flustered. It was Paul. He had been out of touch for a while. Now it all made sense. He had been held captive by someone. Yakira wondered who had captivated Paul and why they had sent her the audio recording.

On the recording, Paul listed all the things Yakira had done. Yakira's face turned deathly pale while she was hearing it. In the end she was so furious that she picked up the phone and smashed it onto the floor. Seeing the phone broken into two pieces, she finally calmed down, as if by doing this the recording would disappear permanently and would no longer bother her again.

But the peace didn't last long. Her mind started wandering and all kinds of questions started popping into her head. Who could it be? Why had they made Paul confess the things she had asked him to do years ago? Did they want money? Was the recording a warning from one of her enemies who had been trying to get back at her? She had so many questions.

Suddenly, a man's image sprang to her head. Edward! It must be him! He was so distinguished and arrogant. He wouldn't ever eat in a public seat unless he was up to something. However, the other day he hadn't dined in the box. And he had asked someone to wear "A Beauty's Tears of Blood" and sit in a conspicuous spot. He must have been waiting for her.

At the thought of that possibility, Yakira's face became white with fright. If that was true, what was she supposed to do? Had he planned the whole thing on his own? Had Daisy asked him to do this? Anyway, since they both hated Yakira so much, she would be doomed this time.

"Mom, what's the matter? Why are you sitting on the floor?" Mary was here to talk with her mom about something. She was surprised to see her mom so pale and miserable.

"Mom! Mom-" Mary kept calling her, but Yakira didn't respond at all, as if she was lost in her own world. Mary waved her hand before her eyes.

"Oh, Mary, it's you." Yakira finally came to her senses. She stood up in a hurry with her hair a little messy. Light came to her eyes.

"Did you and Dad have another fight? Why did you smash your phone?" Mary asked as she picked up the broken phone. But Yakira rushed over and snatched it from her.

"No. I just dropped it accidentally. What brings you here?" Yakira said and then hid the phone behind her back quickly. She didn't look as calm as she sounded.

"Nothing. I just wonder if you have any jewelry that I can wear." Ma

ive with yourself?"

Yakira grabbed Leo's sleeve like a virago. She had already lost parental authority over Mary. And now she also lost her dignity. How could she exercise her right on her as a mother ever again in the future?

"Mom, let go of Dad. Whatever is the problem between you two, you can talk it through." Mary's parents had seldom argued or fought in the past. But ever since they met Daisy again, they had been fighting a lot. She had torn her happy family apart. Right now Mary hated her even more.

"You see how he treats me! If you were me, would you be able to talk nicely to such a man?" But Mary eventually managed to persuade her mom to let go of her father. Her hair had become disheveled after the drama.

"You're crazy! How on earth did I choose to be with you in the first place? What was I thinking?" Leo said sarcastically. Looking at Yakira, he thought he must have been out of his mind years ago. Otherwise, how could he possibly have chosen such a vulgar woman over Grace, who had been a lot gentler and prettier than her.

"What? Are you regretting marrying me? Or do you think I am not as good as that woman in your heart?" Ever since last time, Yakira had never dared to mention Grace's name in front of Leo again, no matter how angry she was, fearing that he might really be able to strangle her in a fury.

"Don't flatter yourself. You and her are as far apart as heaven and earth. In which respect do you think you can compare yourself with her?" Leo smiled disdainfully. Grace had been a well-known beauty of the city, the daughter of an eminent family, adored by young successful men. How dare a philistine like Yakira compare herself with her?

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