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   Chapter 531 Change Your Mind

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 10158

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"Is this enough? Do you want another fight? You could have just moved your car. Why did you have to go this far?" Daisy stepped aside. Mark had moved the BMW standing in their way. Now, the cars behind could finally move forward.

"Which army do you serve? I'll tell your leader that you abuse your power!" The middle-aged man had been reduced to absolute inferiority now, so he became angry and red-faced.

"I'm Daisy Ouyang from the garrison headquarters in the S City. You can complain against me to anyone you want." Daisy sneered. Another report? Hank had impeached her last time. The man now threatened to complain against her. Daisy felt star-crossed.

"Colonel, I have also parked our car. Should we go back now?" Mark ran over, but didn't look at the middle-aged man. Michelle who was standing there attracted his attention. He wondered how Daisy knew this tomboy as she was totally different from Daisy in appearance and character.

"You can't leave. You have to compensate me." The middle-aged man turned to Daisy, and ignored Michelle who hit his car. He was sure that Daisy couldn't do anything to him in public.

"Hey, you should turn to me for compensation. Why are you asking for compensation from Sister Colonel?" Michelle was chewing a gum. Her careless and casual manner suggested that she was a free and wild girl.

"She offended me. I won't let her go." The middle-aged man had decided to create a scene.

"Mark, call the head of the transportation department. Ask him to personally come here, and solve this problem. I want to see how he arranges this work. The traffic congestion has lasted for a couple of hours. Why isn't the traffic police here?" Daisy's eyebrows knitted in a frown. Since the middle-aged man wanted an explanation, she would satisfy him. He didn't know what the probable consequences could be if the head of the transportation department personally came to settle the dispute.

"Come on. I wasn't born yesterday. Don't try to browbeat me. How can a humble soldier like you invite the head of the transportation department here?" The man despised Daisy because he thought Daisy was a nobody. He did acquire a lot of wealth and stature, but failed to recognize Daisy.

"Our colonel thinks nothing of the head of the transportation department. Do you know who she is? She is very influential in the S City." Mark didn't exaggerate. No government officials in the city were as powerful as Daisy. They had to accept Daisy's instructions without an argument.

"Creak…" Following a long and harsh brake sound, a fiery red Maybach stopped at the roadside. Rain opened the door, and got off the car. His curly hair fell carelessly on his smooth forehead. His blue earrings looked even more dazzling under the neon light, highlighting his fascinating look against his flamboyant style.

"Mr. Xia, what brings you here? I owe you an apology for being late for the appointment. Look, I didn't lie to you. There is really a traffic congestion here." The middle-aged man let out a smile at th

"I'll go home too. It's late. I won't go to visit Edward." Rain smiled. He had been accustomed to Daisy's cold expression.

"Okay. Drive safely." Daisy walked over to the Hummer which was parked not too far away. Mark followed her behind. He thought Daisy should seize this chance to embarrass Lewis Yi.

"Mr. Xia, let's meet some other day. What do you think?" As Rain said he would go, Lewis Yi's face screwed into an obsequious smile.

"No need. There is nothing left to talk between us." After Daisy's car left, Rain jerked his head in Lewis Yi's direction, with ridicule in his eyes.

"What? Why?" Lewis Yi couldn't believe his ears. He didn't expect that Rain would say No to him. Rain himself came to him and showed his interest to cooperate with him. He used to be a partner of the Lin Group. After the Lin Group was purchased by the FX International Group, he fell into a passive position.

"Why? It's because you offended someone you shouldn't offend. All our agreements are cancelled now." Rain was cold. Although he didn't witness the whole argument, he learned from their talk that Lewis Yi made things difficult for Daisy. He didn't allow anyone to bully the people he cared for. Since Lewis Li went against his rule, he wouldn't forgive him ever.

"Mr. Xia, would you kindly make an exception for me this time? Ignorance can be forgiven, right? I didn't know that she was Mrs. Mu, so we had a dispute." Lewis Yi followed Rain to his fiery red Maybach and almost begged him for mercy.

"Lewis Yi, you should be glad that you meet me today. If my boss finds out what happened here, you won't be able to stay in the S City. It's known to all that he loves his wife dearly. You shouldn't have offended his wife. Today might be the worst day of your life."

Ignoring Lewis Yi, Rain got in his car and closed the door. After he pressed the accelerator, the engine roared, and the car leapt forward and soon disappeared at the end of the road. Lewis Yi sat down on the ground, depressed and helpless.

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