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   Chapter 530 Obstructing the Operation of a Military Function

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9207

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"Never mind. I'll just go down there and see what's happening." Daisy got out of the car. She saw heavy traffic with cars lined up on the street. The drivers were honking impatiently. Beneath the flickering street lights, she looked prettier than ever before as she walked past the long trail of cars. The military uniform that she was wearing amplified her beauty. She looked like a perfect amalgam of beauty and power.

Mark closed the door, and followed her. Luckily, it wasn't one of those busy traffic hours. Otherwise, the honking might have driven people crazy.

"What's the matter?" There was a hostile tension between the two parties. Looking at the tainted BMW, Daisy got a little impatient. It was just a scratch. The whole matter could have been settled with some repair and damage compensation. Why did people have to stand in the middle of the road and paralyze the traffic?

"Why do you care? You're just a poor soldier. Do you think you can fix this? Just take a look at the make of my car and then dare to open your mouth!" A middle-aged man, who was seemingly rich, looked at Daisy disdainfully and said. To him, she was just an ordinary soldier who knew nothing about the worth of this car.

"Watch your tongue! If it weren't for soldiers, you wouldn't feel safe in your country, let alone drive a fancy car." Mark lectured him. Seeing the man disrespect Daisy, he was pissed. It was just a damn BMW X6. What was in it to show off? Although Daisy didn't own a BMW X6, she did have a Lamborghini and a Rolls-Royce. It wasn't this man's fault that he hadn't seen a really luxurious car in his life, but he shouldn't have tried to show off in front of Daisy.

"Are you going to beat up a commoner? I'll report this matter to your superior." The middle-aged man sneered, glancing at Mark in contempt. His eyes were filled with arrogance.

"Mark, back down." This was why Daisy didn't like interfering in other people's business. She would have turned a blind eye to this matter if she hadn't been in a hurry. But now that she was involved in this, she couldn't let it go, no matter how powerful this man was.

"Are you that colonel?" Suddenly, she heard a cheerful voice, and saw someone walking up to her.

"You are-" Daisy didn't recognize this wildly dressed girl standing in front of her.

"I'm Michelle. Don't you remember me? Duh-duh-duh... Remember now?" Michelle made a gesture and sound of a shooting gun. She had the devil-may-care attitude, but she was smart enough to keep the gunfire matter low key since they were surrounded by people.

"Oh, it's you. What's going on here?" Daisy was grateful to this little girl. No matter who she was, she once saved her life.

"Sister colonel, it's just a little scratch. On

dn't have bothered explaining anything to him. Her heart had been melted by Edward so she didn't mind talking more now.

"Do you mean I deserve to get my car crashed?" For a few seconds, the man didn't know how to respond to Daisy's words, but then he started being unreasonable again.

"Mister, for starters, this girl is willing to compensate you for the repair; secondly, trying to rip off a little girl? Seriously? Don't you have any sense of shame at all?" Daisy gave a cold and disdainful smile.

"It didn't happen to you, so it's easy for you to say all this. Moreover, you know each other. You are biased in her favor from the beginning. In this case, why should I listen to you?" Although he still didn't want to compromise, he really got scared when Daisy said he was obstructing the operation of a military function. As people said, no good came out of confronting the government.

"Then there is nothing to talk about. Mark, pull his car over." If it had been someone else, they wouldn't have wasted their breath to reason with him.

"Help! I'm being robbed by fake soldiers. You're all witnesses." Just as Mark started to walk toward his car, the man began screaming like a horrified pig. His bodyguards started to launch attacks toward Mark. Yet as Daisy's guard, Mark seemed untouchable to them. He got in the car after imposing several brisk moves.

Seeing that Mark was already in the car, the bodyguards shifted their attention to Daisy. They charged toward her. Facing the bulky men, Daisy didn't even blink. The bodyguards were already on the ground after a couple of rounds. She clapped her hands without looking at them. The on-lookers were amazed by her. She had once stopped a fight of hundreds of soldiers and officers in the army within a few minutes. Handling these bodyguards was too easy for her.

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