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   Chapter 529 God Is Always Watching

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9243

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Unlike Edward who was always late, Daisy was a stickler for punctuality. She arrived at the restaurant right on time.

Leo was already there waiting for her. Daisy strode confidently toward him. She looked fabulous with her neat uniform and her pretty face. Ordinarily she didn't wear a military uniform when she was off duty. If she was going out, she wore civilian clothes, and how dressy she looked was dependent on the situation. She always avoided being the center of attention. But of late she went to the Mu's house directly after work and so now she was still in her uniform.

"There you are, Daisy. I thought I'd have to wait longer for you. Come and sit down." Leo said in an almost unctuous way, considering that it would ruin his wholesome image if he had a fight with her here in public. What's more, he hadn't gotten what he wanted yet.

"Punctuality is a basic principle for soldiers. I didn't expect you to be here so early. Sorry to keep you waiting." Daisy's voice was polite, but cold as if the man sitting opposite her was not her father but a complete stranger.

"Check out the menu and order whatever you want. The food's great here." Leo handed her the menu with a graceful smile on his face all the time. He behaved throughout like a perfect gentleman.

"I will have the steak medium well and vegetable salad. Thanks!" Daisy said in fluent English without checking the menu. She was quite familiar with western cuisine, thanks to all those years spent training at JC Military Academy.

"Okay. Coming right up." The waitress was a pretty foreign girl. She nodded to Daisy and left.

"So why did you ask me to come here?" Daisy pressed her lips together and gave a sideways glance to the man sitting in front of her. A ghost of a mocking smile flickered across her lips.

"Nothing special. I just want to have dinner with you, " Leo said, and his eyes fell on the hat Daisy put aside on the table. He was trying to find a way to get a DNA specimen from her. It would be convenient if he could get a hair from her hat.

"Do you believe that yourself?" Daisy asked and smiled, with a look that said she didn't believe his words at all.

"Am I such a horrible person in your eyes?" Leo managed to swallow his anger. He never understood why Daisy was always contentious and made their relation tense all the time.

"Ah. I'm no judge. You should know what you're like. Don't forget, God is always watching, " Daisy said casually and toyed with the glass in her hand. She didn't care if he was a horrible person or not. She knew he was not a dutiful father and that was enough.

"Could I have a look at your hat?" Leo decided to ignore the defiance in her tone and focused on the hat.

"Huh… that's okay, but…" Daisy frowned a litt

ake another route." Mark glanced at her through the mirror. He didn't mean to interrupt her thought but he had to ask for her advice before they got caught in the long line of cars.

"Oh. Let's stop and figure out what is happening there. Maybe they'll need help." Daisy's mind came back to the present. She rolled down the back window of the car and looked out before she gave her command.

"Yes. I'll get right on that." Mark got out of the car and walked forward among the other vehicles. It took several minutes before he came back.

"What is happening?" Daisy frowned. She didn't like troubles. But she knew that being a soldier she should take more responsibility.

"It's not a big deal. A small car accident. A punk girl scratched a BMW X6. They're arguing over it." Mark answered with a twist on his lips. That girl was very arrogant and flanked by some large men. But the owner of the BMW didn't seem like a nice person either, and also surrounded by some bodyguards. So he didn't ask around to get more details.

"Shouldn't the police be brought in to deal with it if they can't reach an agreement? Why is the road blocked?"

Daisy glanced back to where more and more cars lined up. It was impossible to change another road now. They had to wait or she could try to solve it in person. But it was outside the scope of her authority and she didn't like it. On the other hand she had a report to finish later. This really put her in a difficult situation.

"The traffic officers are not here yet. Maybe no one called the police. So what now? The road is jammed with cars now and we can't move at all." They wouldn't get stuck if they had turned around as soon as they came on the scene of the accident. It was against the traffic rules but army cars always had priority over other road users. But now they could do nothing.

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