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   Chapter 528 A Considerate Perfect Wife (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5562

Updated: 2018-11-22 01:02

"Is this your office? It's very clean and comfortable." Edward laid back on the sofa, relaxing. His handsome face looked a little tired. The Commander found an excuse to leave after the meal, but he didn't forget to remind Daisy to show Edward around the army base. So after the trip, he felt very tired. He was discharged from the hospital not too long ago. And he was not in the right condition to be fatigued. And Daisy had taken this into account, so under all the soldiers curious eyes, she only showed him around briefly, not taking him to all the places in the army base. The army base was very large, it was hardly possible for anyone to walk it through in such a short time.

"Yes! Are you tired? Drink some water first!" As soon as Daisy entered the gate, she hurriedly poured some water for Edward. So when Edward sat down, a glass of water was handed him to drink.

"It's okay. Only the scorching sun was a little unbearable." Edward took over the glass naturally and then drained the glass. The sun was really hot, and it made Edward so thirsty that he forgot to keep his good manner and image when drinking the water.

"You need to get out in the sun more frequently. You're a man, you don't need to be afraid of getting a little burned." Daisy pinched his face. His good skin made her feel quite jealous. She didn't know that in fact her skin was also very good. Otherwise it would be impossible for her to protect her fair skin from the sun in the army base. It went without saying that it was attributed to the inborn good nature and quality of her skin.

"Daisy, are you jealous of me?" Edward gave the glass back to Daisy and indicated to hav

t jasmine fragrance of him. He obliged her and draped his arms around her. She felt peaceful there. She felt relieved after pretending to be calm the whole morning. She didn't feel nervous tension like she did this morning. Although she had constantly told herself that she didn't care about her father. she still felt uneasy about the meeting with him tonight.

If you want your happiness of love to last forever, you should learn to give your lover space, and time to get used to you while enjoying your time together. More importantly, you should trust each other; only by doing this can you be firmly bound together, and no one would have the chance to separate you. And you would not feel worried your love would change with the passage of time.

Westin Western Restaurant was a playground for the very rich. The decorations and service were of the highest standard in the city. Many knew the delicious food in the restaurant was made by famous cooks, but only a select few knew that Edward was the boss in this establishment. FX International Group would set foot in every business that made money.

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