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   Chapter 527 A Considerate Perfect Wife (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6034

Updated: 2018-11-22 00:31

"Okay, everyone. Sit down, continue eating." Daisy quickly regained her composure, recovering from embarrassment. She raised her exquisite eyebrows, her order coming through loud and clear. Her intimidating manner was felt in every corner.

Edward felt delighted to see Daisy's behavior. Because he hoped that Daisy would be forbidding and harsh to all the other men except for him. Then no one would think of getting their hands on his wife. He was such a cunning man.

"Mr. Mu, this way, please." The Commander led Edward to a table which was prepared by the batman beforehand and asked him to sit down. The usually boisterous canteen became very quiet today because of the arrival of several special guests. All the soldiers kept quiet, it was obvious that they wanted to overhear any juicy tidbits they could.

Looking at all the dishes on the table, Daisy bit her lip and walked towards the kitchen in silence. This strange act confused everyone, except for Edward. Because when Daisy frowned, he followed her gaze and found out she was looking along the table. So he was certain that she was dissatisfied with the dishes and wanted to find some food which would be helpful for the recovery of his wound. She did this every day since he got hurt. For this considerate care, Edward felt very warm in his heart. At the same time, he became accustomed to it.

"What happened to Daisy? Are the dishes not to her taste today? She is never particular about food. Strange." The Commander looked at the dishes on the table. There was no such luxurious food as shark's fins or cubilose. But the abundant fish and meat portions could make it a hearty meal. And that was a good enough treat for any guest.

"Don't worry. Probably it is because of me. She cares much about my health recently. So she is very

ve he would occasionally do for her.

The Commander had been wearing an affable smile all the time with an approving look. No matter what made them separate before, as long as they were happy together from now on, he would also feel happy for them.

It was said that beautiful things always attracted people's attention. During the whole process when Edward ate his meal, he displayed his graceful manner to the fullest. This influenced all the rough soldiers. They unwittingly slowed down the speed at which they ate. They all chewed carefully and swallowed slowly, totally opposite from the way they usually ate. Their typical speed was in a terrible hurry after being exhausted by the training.

Daisy was surprised to see their change of manner. It seemed that no matter how hot-blooded the soldiers were, sometimes they would occasionally show off a bit. They were also unwilling to lose to others, with a stubborn streak a mile long. Just like now, they were deeply impressed by the inborn temperament of Edward. It illustrated one thing: if you wanted respect, using force was not the shortcut to achieve it. Because the cultivation and temperament you showed could also be your trump card.

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