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   Chapter 526 Colonel Ouyang’s Husband

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"This way, please. I'm afraid you won't like the food in our canteen, " The commander said while walking toward the canteen with Edward. He hardly ate in the canteen himself. His food was usually brought to him from the canteen by his orderly. Of course, it was a little different from the soldiers'. It was an open fact, so there was no need to hide it.

"Of course I will. I'm not a picky eater." Edward smiled faintly. Luke, who was following behind, rolled his eyes at him and thought, 'Since when?' No one could have lied so naturally and easily as Edward.

"Okay then. Let's ask Daisy and Kevin to join us." The commander liked young men like Edward who were from a rich family yet not arrogant, so he was very happy to talk to him.

"Commander, Major General Gu has left the army base for the army in H City, " The commander's aide reminded him. As the commander's confidential secretary, he had to know everything.

"Oh, it will be the three of us then. Go find Colonel Ouyang." The smile on the commander's face paused for a second. He had thought if Kevin ate with them, there would be more communication among them, since Kevin, Edward and Daisy were the same age. Unexpectedly, he had gone on an experience exchange visit to another army base.

"No need. She's already coming." At the sight of that familiar figure, Edward smiled and winked at her.

"Commander, have you two talked business yet? I want to make sure I'm not intruding on something." Daisy ignored Edward's smile with knitted brows. He was either getting eye cramps or just showing off his teeth, she thought.

"Yes. Daisy, how about having lunch with us in the canteen later?" The commander said, not noticing what was going on between Edward and Daisy.

"Sure. But doesn't Mr. Mu have to go?" Some of the people didn't know Edward was Daisy's husband, so they thought everything was normal. But the ones who did were surprised to hear how Daisy had addressed Edward. Edward smiled and could tell from her tone that she was still in a bad mood.

"Colonel Ouyang, I'm not working right now. In fact, I'm not allowed to. You can say I am unemployed now. So since I'm here, can you buy me lunch?" She wanted to play? So game on. He had plenty of time.

Luke and Mark looked at each other. Neither of them could understand what was going on. To them, couples were weird. They talked about so many things that other people wouldn't understand.

"Huh! You two are interesting. It's all

o applause which had accompanied him since his childhood. But today's accolades meant a lot to him. He was proud of himself, not as a sponsor but as Daisy's husband.

"Thank you, everyone. Please help yourselves. I was just curious about what my wife eats every day and decided to come here to have a taste of it myself. That's all. So pretend I'm not here." No matter how angry he made Daisy in daily life, in public Daisy would always be the one spoiled by him. He wanted her to be the center of attention.

This was Colonel Ouyang's husband? It seemed they had been all wrong in the past, the soldiers thought. Her husband being too ugly, running away with the other woman, going abroad, none of these conjectures had been right. If this man was ugly, then no one in the world was handsome.

But a new question came along. Why did Colonel Ouyang live with Justin alone for so many years since she had such a wonderful husband? The soldiers had heard a lot about FX International, although they didn't know its CEO. So they got even more curious. But it wasn't something they could ask in person without being impolite, so they had swallowed their questions, and made up their own stories about him silently.

They had already been discussing who this man was on the training field. Now they knew. They all agreed that only an excellent man like this deserved a brilliant woman like Colonel Ouyang.

For the first time Daisy blushed in front of the soldiers, which had been beyond imagination before. Their gaze made her uncomfortable and unsure where to look. This lunchtime was turning out to be more interesting than she had imagined.

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