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   Chapter 525 It's Better For A Woman To Be Fierce (Part Two)

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"Thank you for your concern, Commander. I'm much better now. But I'm wondering why you want me here." He wasn't an expert at official manners. But he was able to speak in an official way. After all, he was a business man and it was a necessary skill for him to manage things tactfully.

"You are too modest, Mr. Mu. I was supposed to pay you a visit. But I heard that you were staying at home, and not going into the office. And I don't think it's proper for me to go to your home. So I invited you here." The commander passed the tea prepared by an orderly to Edward. Because Daisy liked tea, so he thought Edward liked tea too. Therefore, he prepared the tea to treat him without asking him what he would like to drink.

"It's fine. I've wanted to find some chance to pay a visit here too. You did me a favor by inviting me here, Commander." Edward spoke his mind. He'd been on base twice, but the only place he went was the residential area. Besides, it was at night. So he didn't see the surroundings clearly. Despite that, he didn't get a close look at the base this time either, he still had a rough impression of it but got to know it better.

"Ha-ha! Maybe Mr. Mu is more interested in Daisy than the layout of the army base! That's why you want to know more about her working environment." The commander smiled and was able to suss out what was on Edward's mind. He knew how Edward cared about Daisy and reasoned that Edward intended to explore the army base because of her.

"You know me, Commander. Now that you've read my mind, I would be pretentious if I continued to hide my thoughts."

ch time. Through this negotiation, the commander finally knew what a real negotiator was like. Edward convinced him completely without any aggressive words and any personal attack. All he showed during the whole process was his manners as a gentlemen. He was so calm and nimble. No wonder he could manage such a big multinational company so well.

"Mr. Mu. It's already lunch time now. If you like, why don't you have lunch here? You can see how our soldiers eat, and experience it for yourself." The commander stood up and shook hands with him. There was a big smile on his face. They had come to a fantastic agreement, and had a successful negotiation.

"What a nice invitation. I think it is better for me to accept it respectfully than to decline it. I'm sure it'll be an unforgettable experience to have lunch with the soldiers.." No matter what suggestion the commander would make, Edward would take it. He didn't care about the lunch. He cared that he could have chance to stay with Daisy. That was the most important thing. He arranged everything for Daisy.

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