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   Chapter 524 It's Better For A Woman To Be Fierce (Part One)

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"Edward, I finally know why you're here now. You're here to make me angry." Daisy stopped suddenly. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Edward. Her behavior made her look a little arrogant and unreasonable. She seemed to be even more charming and attractive wearing the handsome olive-green military uniform.

"Oh, I won't make you angry. I want to live a long time." Was it true that he wouldn't do that? His tone of speaking betrayed him. It seemed that he wanted to make her angry anyway.

"You won't? I doubt it. Are you telling me I'm a fierce woman and not gentle at all, and you're not fond of women like that." Daisy pouted. This woman was the one Edward was familiar with when she asked for affection from him, instead of being cold as if she were about to reject everyone approaching her. The cold woman made herself a stranger to Edward. Edward didn't like this feeling, so he said such things to irritate her deliberately.

"Who said that I am not fond of you? It's better for a woman to be fierce. This way, those lewd men will not try to get close to you. And I will feel better too." Edward looked back at her with a bright smile on his face. But Daisy was almost about to stomp her feet when he said that. It turned out he was just thinking of himself when he told her that.

"Look at you. You're obviously taunting me now. Well, forget it. Why am I serious about it? I don't need to mess with you. I need to get back to work. So go! Stop following me. Or I might get in trouble for acting improperly on base. I'm not going to sacrifice my career for you." Although Daisy said it in a joking tone, this could still happen. The anonymous tip-off last time was a lesson.

"Yes! Mr. Mu,

had already pleased him that Edward agreed to meet him here.

"Commander. I'm sorry. I got distracted when I arrived here, and took a little tour of the base. So I'm a bit late." Edward reached out to shake hands with the commander with a smile. This was his diplomacy. It was his fault that he was late. But he said that he was late because he was delayed due to his tour of the army base. This way, he wouldn't be responsible for being late anymore.

The corners of Luke's mouth twisted heavily. He found that Edward had become more shameless. A tour of the army base? Not at all! He spent too much time at home, okay? Apart from that, he followed Mrs. Mu and kept talking to her. Now, he came to the commander's office unwillingly because he was kicked out of the office by Mrs. Mu.

"No, no. You're not late. It's my honor that you're here. Talking about this, I feel a little awkward. You just left hospital a few days ago. And now I'm asking you to drive all way here. Are you feeling better now?" The commander invited Edward to take a seat. He gestured to the couch and walked towards it, indicating Edward should sit there.

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